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Info needed: Bracelet
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Info needed: Bracelet
8 July 2009, 4:14 pm

Okay, posting this for a friend who doesn't have a FAZ account and wants to remain anonymous, anyways.

I got permission to post their whispers, too.

*** whispers, "bracelet came by saying how she had some ports for sale.. same song and dance right?  So I asked her to let me see? She emails me two ports.. one line art and one finished as examples.  The line art is CLEARLY better than the colored  port" to you. ]

*** whispers, "so i asked her if she did both.. she said yes.. I asked her with what program [cause the line art was obviously done in paint or psp] she said pencil.. once i confronted her about the variation of  styles both seemed to have. she then said her brother helped her with the line arted one" to you. ]

*** whispers, "*** gets a screen shot of both" to you. ]

[ You whisper "I'll need yer permission to post whispers o_o; I'll keep yer name off the whispers, though, if you want?" to ***. ]

[ *** whispers, "Yes please" to you. ]

[ *** whispers, "Permission granted  :)" to you. ]

[ *** whispers, "I asked her who really did the line art then she left saying "I knew i shouldnt have talked to strangers, this always happens' sounds like she tried to scam before." to you. ]

[ *** whispers, "  heres the screens of both ports she sent.  Id like to know who REALLY did them.  " to you. ]

[ You whisper "The person's name is Bracelet?" to ***. ]

[ *** whispers, "Yes  " to you. ]

[ *** whispers, "the second port .. the one thats colored she claims was hers.. the second keeps changing stories" to you. ]

[ *** whispers, "I REALLY dont think she did the line art of the couples kissing" to you. ]

Basically, all that needs to be know was said there ^^; Please post any info you have here.

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