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Does this sound fair?
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Does this sound fair?
8 July 2009, 6:34 am

A couple of weeks ago.. maybe months, I don't keep track of time, someone named Poi whispered me for my alt Ciao. After alot of talking we came to an agreement. I would give her the alt after she showed me the sketches of two portraits she would give me. After she finished the portraits, I would give her some art. Like I said, I gave her the alt after she finished two awesome sketches of my characters and we agreed not to change the password untill this deal was done.

She started to play the character, and I didn't mind. She got Ciao a design, life classics, expiring dragon and owlen and 3 GD's or so. When I asked for the ports she said she had to get them off her laptop, so I waited.. And waited.. And waited.. Untill I had to go.. or she just got offline (I got her MSN too).

This happened a couple of times before she told me she broke up with her boyfriend and moved back to her parents, she said it would take a week.

She was offline for more than one week.. A bit too long, so I got worried and changed the password of the character; Ciao. I sent her an offline message on MSN where I told her that I hated to do this but that I got worried about the whole deal.

When she got online again she told me the cable of her laptop broke? She still could use it, but it was acting weird or something, I don't really know. I understood her when she told me that she wanted the piece of art when she wanted to show me the portrait, cause I had the alt with the stuff on it and then the portrait so I could run off then. Later I had to run, so I quickly uploaded the picture and said that she had to send me the portrait on my email.

She didn't send me the portrait.. or the other one I should get from her. And I am still here with the character. If she just sent me the FHS/FOX files, I'd immediately change the password back to what it was.. But for some reason she just doesn't send them.. I haven't seen them either, only the sketches which were, to be honest, quite awesome.

Do you think I have the right to change the password from the character untill I finally get my payment? I was a bit unsure of what I was doing so I thought I just post it here.

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