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Warning? Need help!
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Warning?  Need help!
13 June 2009, 5:53 pm

I found the topic about the alt 'Kyushu' and the stolen port.  Well, today, around an hour ago I was whispered with 'Excuse mee x3' from Arcanum.  They asked if I'd like to sell my Foxen for life for a Rabben and the alt Kyushu with a port.  I respond with... 'Sorry, this was a birthday gift. :3' and I wish them good luck in selling their stuff.  Then a red flag goes up, I saw the topic about the stolen port and stuff.

I'm a bit worried, I couldn't get permission to post logs and I was asking for the port, but they already logged.  Is Arcanum the real owner?  If this belongs in the alt market website then just tell me, I'll post it there.

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