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Vlcina + Possible trace/edit/flip
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Vlcina + Possible trace/edit/flip
11 June 2009, 5:38 pm

well, here we have the picture:

and here is where i think she may have gotten it from:

by akarui-kurai (i think vlcina may have gotten it from a combination of the back end of the smiling white wolf and the first grey canine)

well, she didn't grant me permission to post logs, so here I am summarizing them:

i asked her if she drew the avatar herself

she replied sure!

then i linked her to aka's art

she seemed confused, made a o____o hmmm?

i told her it looks referenced/flipped/edited from aka's

she replied by saying it was her avatar, and it depicted vlcina

i told her again, it looks copied/traced

she restated that she doesn't copy and it was her artwork, and she had no idea that aka's even existed

i pointed out similarities

at this point i asked for posting logs permission, it was not granted.

she then told me that the other character was 'backasin' and went off on a MY ARTS AND MY CHARACTERS rant.

she sent me a link to backasin's ref: here

i calmed her down, and then the conversation tailed off.

so, what do we think?

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