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10 June 2009, 2:17 pm

My first potential commision scam, if I don't make perfect sense, just let me know.

This guy was originally on furcadia for a while as in wandeing the game i guess. He commisioned me for a picture which was 30GD. I decided to give him a break (as I do too much anyway) allowing him to pay me 15 GD half-payment since he couldn't order the rest of the GD til his I.D got confirmed with Furcadia. Then after, I emailed the picture to him for his character.


So far after that, I've reminded him many times that he still owes me 15 GD left for the finished commision on furcadia, and i'm usually ignored for some reason. On DA his name is DenemeDokio. I've noted him once on there too some time ago, here's the fast convo:

To: ~DenemeDokio

Date: Nov 1, 2008, 1:35:30 PM

Okies! I belive ya  <33


DenemeDokio said the following:

PS: Dont worry saphy, I do intend on paying you.


SapphyDracases said the following:

I was wondering, did Furcadia confirm your I.D thing yet to buy the rest of the 15 GD? Just checking up on it >_>;;



After this I just became patient (for a LONG TIME) and such, til I saw this thread on Furcadia forums, seeing him with a thread looking to commision someone for more art, and didn't even pay me for the rest of his commision yet.

My point is, watch out for the guy, atleast, if you commision him, ask for full price. This issue is kinda old but i'm STILL trying to get intouch with him.

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