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Naisha Shakira - Warning
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Naisha Shakira - Warning
5 June 2009, 2:02 pm

A note up front: This situation was RESOLVED for as far as I'm concerned. I'm simply putting this up as a warning for future records, as I believe this was done with the intent to never credit my work unless found out. Please do NOT badger this person unless they violated someone's copyrights again.


My friend was hanging out someplace and found Naisha talking about her port. These logs are public.

Naisha Shakira: Check out mah port.  

Beelz: lolol, the port on kendyll got accepted.  

Citani: It is yer fault that you stuck it in his pooper, though. D:  

You say, "naisha?"  

Noma: ....Mmmmaybe  

You say, "pssstt naisha"  

Masochistic Freak: wat  

Naisha Shakira: Yess?

You say, "did you do that whole port by scratch? :O"  

Naisha Shakira: Pretty much, yep.  

Masochistic Freak knows where this is going.  

Naisha Shakira: It took forever to get the shapes right...

You say, "it's nice, it's nice. :-)"  

Naisha Shakira: Thanks :-D  

You say, "but.."  

Naisha Shakira: But......?

You say, "that's a freeport by my friend. :-)"  

You say, "so no you didn't do that"  

Noma: Oops.  

Masochistic Freak: owned  

Masochistic Freak: lololol  

Naisha Shakira: Really? I didn't notice. I saw something like it in Acropolis.  

You say, ""  

You say, "so no, you did not do that port by scratch"

You say, "l2actually draw"  

Naisha Shakira: Wow, I knew that was from somewhere. Guess I should take rights off, btb.  

You say, "why did you say"  

Naisha Shakira: *brb  

You say, "that you drew the whole thing by scratch?"  

Noma: That's a load of bullshit.  

You say, "if you obviously didn't lol. you just added designs :-)"

Screenshot of DA page

tl;dr: Naisha edited my freebie port, didn't stick to the terms I set and claimed to have drawn the port from scratch. After being confronted about it they admitted it wasn't solely their own work.

I suggest to be wary. Again, do NOT go to badger this person about it unless something new comes up and you have full evidence to support your claim.

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