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3 June 2009, 12:25 pm

More than three months ago, I was contacted by Vega on FAZ for a 5gd sketch of their character. When I did not recieve payment after a week, I followed in hot pursuit in-game only to find out that the character "Vega" was shared with someone the supposed FAZ user was friends with in real life. I contacted Vega on FAZ over and over again about the elusive 5gd that they said that they would send my alt, and they have been reading my notes (not replying) and will occasionally reply.

The first time, they said the picture did not send. So I offered to append an extra version of the picture so they could recieve it. They declined, saying that they had found a way to open it (All of this is happening after three weeks of giving them the picture) so after another few weeks after they had said that I noted them again. They didn't reply. After a second note, they asked who they would like to gd sent to, and I never had gotten it to this day.

 I talked to the Vega in-game, and this person said that they would tell the FAZ-Vega about this ordeal about my payment. However, that was a month ago.  Now, I was tempted to note them again but they have seemed to of disappeared off FAZ (Or changed their name, because I can't find them to note them) and I'm getting a little impatient knowing that they sign onto FAZ daily.

Can anyone tell me where Vega has gone? Or what name they go by now?

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