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Stolen Art?
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Stolen Art?
9 May 2009, 3:07 am

Hey people,

I am completely unsure, but I think this person is possibly stealing art and claiming it as their own and selling it.

The person's alt is named Somani.

First, I noticed, If you look at this picture.

It is clear that the ears and tail do not match the rest of the collective piece.

Piece 1

Then going into her photobucket to view more of her art, I found this piece.

Piece 2

If you compare the pictures you will notice that the ears are exactly the same on both.

I am unsure if she's stealing all the art, or just the first picture, but she has more art in her album.

Another discovery!

This piece was found farther into her album, assuming it's older.

It has the body of the first picture, but a new head.

Piece 3

But! If you look also at the dagger, it seems to have been copied, flipped, and placed into this other piece or vice versa.

Piece 4

Here is a screenshot of her claiming the first piece of art to be her own.


(Each picture has the url bar included to show it's from the same photobucket album.)

So, I am still unsure what is stolen or what is not, but the pieces are obviously photoshopped.

Does anyone know if these are stolen and their original artists?


EDIT: Please make note that Skatt is another player. And the two pictures with the same body are titled for Somanii and Skatt both.

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