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Spira Flame-Heavily referenced commissions
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Spira Flame-Heavily referenced commissions
21 April 2009, 4:29 pm

I was in furn, saw Sasha S. Fire walk by, clicked her, and saw her port was very badly done/traced looking. Lo and behold, in her description was a link to E621 with a reposting of the original image. So I clicked the source, found the artist. I asked Sasha who did her port, if they had permission, bla bla bla.

Basically they said Spira Flame did them a free commission and that they used the drawing as their reference. I told Sasha it was traced, she said it was, I asked if Spira had permission, she said Spira's a nice person and she surely does. I contact the original artist, they tell me there's no permission and that they will be having the port taken down. I contact Spira Flame (finally catching her online) and she says the image is just referenced, she has the original drawing she did.

Spira Flame says she does all of her commissions this way, and she usually gets permission. She also says that any art posted on the web is fair game, and that there has to be a disclaimer from the artist saying you can't do this for her to not do it. She has a blatant ignorance to copyrights and this is just an alert to be on the lookout for her potentially stealing your art for her 'commissions'.

The images:


their sketch

the original image

I've tried doing a layover (I fail at them so I didn't save it), and i could see it's not an exact match. So no, it's not a trace, but it is a severely heavy reference, copying every aspect of the drawing.

Just a warning, though I'm sure you can feel free to go through Spira Flame's work and see if she's done this to anyone else. I'm too sick and tired to bother right now and need to get back to sleep.

Spira Flame will be given a link to this thread as soon as it is posted and I will note the original artist again with a link, also.

She also claims to not have known who the original artist was, even though the E621 link has a source link.

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