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songay/sanders/toumoei (warning for now, collecting info)
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songay/sanders/toumoei (warning for now, collecting info)
20 April 2009, 10:01 pm

some of you may have known someone named songay or sanders on furc a while ago. don't get me wrong, to my knowledge she's still active. a year or two ago she was a respected artist advertised through the devianart handle honestly i'm not sure whether or not she got caught tracing or she just randomly packed and left. my suspicions though are that she did get caught and quietly left dA.

i don't know the complete details of the previous situation.

but i do know for a fact that she traced these two images:

and i'm pretty sure there was more.

i cannot provide much hard evidence here to back up what i've said other than this (due to her having deleted her whole dA gallery):


the above situation is history, remember it was AT LEAST a year ago. i'm not sure if any of her old dA art is floating around the internet or that any of the layovers and images she may have used are still saved.

from the best of my knowledge she has never uploaded on a public gallery until now.

she's known as

joined 4/16/09

majority if not all the gallery there is uploaded 4/16/09

i assumed that 'hey, she's been caught once. she should have learned her lesson'

and lo and behold i notice that a considerable fraction of this new gallery is old art. AND of course the spartan image in which i've managed to provide a layover of is also uploaded.

"I hopped on the Spartan band wagon, needless to say.

What do I hate more than band wagons?

Drapery. It absolutely eludes me."

was her submission description. no mention of reffing. no mention of when she drew it.


she's offering commissions and i'm worried about how creditable she is.

lord, she has been caught tracing before and for some insane reason thinks that now it's smart to reupload an image she has been called out on? imo, bad decision. IF she actually stopped tracing, then what's the purpose of this? i'm not entirely sure.

so atm, this stands as a warning.

i can't provide very solid proof that she's still tracing (or was for the matter), reasons being that the dating of her art in her new gallery is all wrong and almost all of her now deleted dA art is missing. i have a feeling though that someone out there has some info however small or large, any would be helpful.

and in case she deletes her new gallery i've saved a few images:

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