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17 April 2009, 6:44 pm

I was RPing when I was whispered by a fellow named "Vincent Saxen". I click everyone who whispers me, and lo and behold, he has a port. One that I EASILY recognize, given I've seen it before on several occasions, both on dA, on the alt it was made for, and now on him. I know for a fact it isn't his.

the port is by Lobsel Vith, only to be seen on Perseus. It was nonremap and posted on dA, and not watermarked, so it was easy for him to steal. He left the signature on it and everything.

Screenshot of him with the port on:

and link to the original:

I don't have the permission to post logs, but basically, this is how it went.

I asked him who made his port, pretending like I didn't know. He, of course, said he made it. I asked him about the sig, he said he got it from someone else's port and liked it, so he used it. He said he always changes his sig to 'cool stuff he sees on t.v.' and things on other people's art.

I asked Vincent if he had a dA, and he asked me what a dA was. I said deviantart account. he said no. I asked him if he did commissions, and he said no, because 'some ass kept whispering him like fifty times on different alts to see if his commission was done', so he doesn't do them anymore. I finally point the fact out to him that he stole it, claimed it as HIS art, and proceeded to lie to me more so.

He didn't respond after that. I gave him a link to this, and I will be contacting Lobsel Vith as well.

Just a heads up for everyone.

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