Author Topic: What to do with a 'stolen' alt?  (Read 505 times)

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What to do with a 'stolen' alt?
«: November 17, 2010, 11:08:43 AM»
Well this is the situation:
A few months ago I bought an alt off a friend in furc for 10gd, the alt Parsimony, ported x1.

I tried putting it back for sale just recently but someone told me like a week ago they thought it was a stolen alt (from its original owner). They sent an email to the person who replied (apparently a very short/quick email) that yes it was still considered stolen to him, but the person is hardly around or something (I had to ask over a week later if they had any updates).

I wonder if he actually cares because the owner himself hasn't even tried contacting me about it.

He put the same port thats uploaded from this alt to another, Parzimony, and the person who informed me of this in the first place reccomended I take it off sales.

Technically I lost 10gd due to something I wasn't even aware of then, and I can't sell or use it either now?

What do people usually do in these circumstances..? I can't contact the person I bought it from, he quit furc shortly after he sold me it.

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Re: What to do with a 'stolen' alt?
«Reply #1: November 17, 2010, 12:49:14 PM»

pretty much all you need to know about it.
it was lost due to negligence and it seems the original 'owner/creator' didn't do jack shit about it.
they re-uploaded the port because the alt was 'stolen', but honestly, I think its valid that it remains on both alts.

if anything, continue to try and get in touch with armory one way or another to see if the situation can be clarified.
do you recall who you purchased the alt from?