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«: October 30, 2010, 04:46:33 PM»
Okay, so heres the story. I bought the alt 'Livy.' I was able to log onto her completely fine when I first had her, and I am almost positive I changed her password when I got her (though there is a chance that I didn't because I'm scatterbrained as shit.) I lost internet for a month, got it back, and tried to log onto this alt, and the password doesn't work. I don't know why this is. She was on my email, no longer is. She was ported, AND had a lifer leo and a lifer owlen on her, so she shouldn't have expired.

I have also contacted the person I bought her from, and she swears that she didn't take her.

I have already sent an email to the guardians (like a week and a half ago). Still no reply. And I am awaiting Cironir to come unidle so I can ask him about it directly.

If anyone knows anything, please let me know. This is the first time an alt of mine was 'stolen' and I really am quite distressed. ;~;

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Re: Livy?
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Was the alt shared? Or was your password easy to guess?

Have you also put the alt on a pounce list in case it logs on?

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Re: Livy?
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The alt was not shared. I didn't think the password was an easy guess. It wasn't anything obvious, or anything.

And yes, the alt has been on my pounce list since I tried to log onto her and failed. I've not seen her be logged on.

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Re: Livy?
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Since the alt was traded and not made by you, there is a chance cironir might not be able to do anything to return it if you do get in touch with him.

But, your lifers will likely help speed along the process, and if all else fails, you'd get those back.
I assume you paid out of your pocket to get them, correct?

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Re: Livy?
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Unfortunately, no. The lifers came with the alt already.

If I can't get the alt or the lifers back, I can at least say I tried. Or perhaps find out what happened, exactly. Either way, at least I didn't sit back and do nothing.