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Trade Reviews
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The list!!

Mince/Wall/X-Rated: awesome person traded 2 designs + site for an alt.then did a second trade alt for an alt both trades went smoothly we had a minor upset that was worked out for in the future over one of the designs they get the better deal lol will do business with again

Haddock/Twisted: pretty good deal traded alts to them for other alts then traded 1 alt for 2 and a space both went smooth ALTHOUGH i remembered i had left a space on an alt when i tried to whisper them they ignored me though we were in the same dream and she wasn't screwed over on that one

Stab: awesome trades traded with them twice multi trades both times 1 alt for 2 that sort of thing went well will do business with again

Ook; ive done some trades with her she gave me a good bunch of alts as well all art trades have gone well she bought an alt for me and i paid her back the next day will do business again

Snarl/Rhonda: bought art from her first was for an alt second and third bought with GD awesome person will do business again

Esere: doing alt for art trade with them just waitin for actually do the trade so far shes reliable and super nice will be going back for more

Dee: traded and alt for another alt went smooth and quick

Staceyy on FAM: did a first trade and we decided to trade back she was to attached to the alts lol, went back day or so later and did another trade went smooth even the upset in the first trade went well awesome person

Hub: traded an alt for an alt went super smooth good person

Caz: traded alts for an alt went super smooth quick wil do business with again

There are some other trade i will be posting up soon..these were off the top of my head so once i go through logs they will be up!

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