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sentimental value?
«: October 07, 2010, 04:43:22 PM»
sooo, a lot of people want extra money for their alts, because they have sentimental value. they do realize it's just pixels, and if it really had THAT much sentimental value, they shouldn't sell it, and get money by getting a job? sure, selling alts is a quick buck, but no one really cares if the alt has sentimental value, because you're selling it, and they want to buy it. lots of people will pay the extra, just because they can - or are crazy enough too - but you think they give a shit that you had the alt for a million years and role played your heart and soul into it? nope. that's even if you role played, and didn't lay yourself out in AI or FurN or whatever, just talking to people for ages. something you could've done in the real world, a loooot cheaper.
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Re: sentimental value?
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Reasoning behind Sentimental value- Designs. Some designs are personal, or just have been around for years; they don't want to see them passed around like STDs, which is one reason why prices are so high. Another is just that if you want the alt that badly, you'll have to pay me this much to get it out of my hands.

Some people don't want to sell, but some do have to. Some people who do HAVE jobs, just one job that is a 48 hour week won't cover medical bills sometimes (I make roughly now 1200 every two weeks on minimum wage. Medical and car repairs can topple over that very easily.). Alts are luxury. You sell your luxury when you need money because you don't need it. And just because they're pixels doesn't mean anything. People buy VIDEO GAMES and they're nothing but a small disc full of graphics, but yet they sell over trillions worth of dollars every year. J/s

Some people even pay the full 250$ for the life-dragon on the Digomarket. That's more than a lot of the 'sentimental' alts prices listed here.

It's their alt, they can do what they want with it. If you want to bitch so badly, then find another alt you want or pay the price.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #2: October 07, 2010, 05:28:17 PM»
I have a real job and I still sell alts.
As for selling alts being a "quick buck", I'd have to disagree. Some alts sit in peoples threads for MONTHS without even being considered or not having the "hold game" played with them.

I'm between a rock and a hard place with sentimental value, so i'll break it into two sides of how I feel about it.

Supporting it: A side of me supports sentimental value because hey, you don't want to see things you love go for cheap, which is understandable I guess. I'm guilty of this with particular alts, though I try to avoid it.

Against it: The side of me that's against it makes me a hypocrite..While I understand a lot of reasoning for it, I don't think it's a reasonable thing to charge for by many standards, though not all.  You gotta do what you gotta do, hey.

What it really comes down to though is that well...They may only be pixels, but unlike a digo, there is only ONE of every name, and the person that has the name kind of has the crowd who wants it by the balls. You pay what they want, or you don't get it. Sentimental value adds a few bucks (sometimes some serious bank if its a sought after name) and the people selling it often know that and use it to their advantage, whether they NEED the extra scratch, or if they just want some play money.

If people want a good name bad enough, they'll drop a gold brick for somebody elses "sentimental value".

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #3: October 07, 2010, 05:35:47 PM»
If I said I didn't like when people did this, I would be a hypocrite. I don't normally sell alts because I don't have any money. I work on and off part-time, and money is not really an issue. I think some people do care about whether you've owned an alt for a week or ten years, and some buyers completely understand and accept the fact that an alt costs more due to sentimental value.

Like Exavier said, if someone wants the alt badly enough, they'll pay for the alt, regardless of the additional 'sentimental value price'.
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Re: sentimental value?
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The only thing that really gets me, is when someone who's had an alt for less than a week tries to charge twice, or more the amount they paid for a nice (or in most cases shitty) alt, and they tack on the label of 'sentimental value' as a reason for the price. That's when I call bullshit and that's when it's not okay.

I'm a seller for sentimental value, but if you don't like that, then don't buy my shit, it's that simple.
Sentimental could mean time spent on the alt, in which it was recognized as your main, if you're an artist, it's like selling one of your handles, there's history and it's hard to let go, but for the right price you're willing to move on. This can also be applied to art that comes with the alt. If you put time and effort into a design and got it a fuckton of nice art, you'd be hesitant to let go, wouldn't you?

The prices for some of these sentimental alts may be high because of the original amount the person may have paid to obtain it. Ever think of that?
The alt may mean a lot to someone, so they might have shelled out a lot to get it, and they just want to make up what they paid for.

Even if you DON'T have any fancy labels added to your alts and you sell them for piss cheap, no one really buys them when you want to get rid of them the most. Alts that are relatively nice can sit for months with a 5 dollar price tag. It's not really the price that matters, the way I see it, it's just how much someone wants it.

And what's wrong with wanting to make a little money when you don't have a job? When someone's in the middle of job hunts, they need a way to make up money to pay the bills and all their necessities, they may not rely on alt trading alone, but it doesn't hurt to have a little extra money in your pocket by getting  rid of shit you don't use.

It's like Ex and Seattle have said, people will shit a gold brick for your alt if they want it bad enough.
Since the unicode exploit was removed, there is no chance in hell that anyone can have a duplicate name they really want.

Pixels are Pixels, but hey, people don't just spend it on alts, it applies to everything else being hocked off in the Junkyard too. 'Sentimental neopets, gaia items, subeta...'

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Re: sentimental value?
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i think someone is just massively butthurt because they wanted an alt that someone refused to sell to them because of, guess what, SENTIMENTAL VALUE. HERRRRRRRRRRP DERP.

anyway. a lot of people who claim that their alts have sentimental value do so because they've invested their money into it, whether it be money they've earned from their job or money they've earned from doing business on furcadia. who cares how people make their money, money is money.

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Re: sentimental value?
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Uncalled for, Tony.

Keep the posts MATURE, please.

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Re: sentimental value?
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Re: sentimental value?
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i've adde money to alts for 'sentimental' value. aka, i really just wanted an offer i couldn't turn down so i don't hold on to an alt that i'm procrastinating on selling just because it was my main or my friend's name or the name of one of my characters from a book, whatever. if i think an alt is worth paying the 'sentimental' value the seller has, then i'll pay it. if it's a ridiculous price, nothx. i'll just spend my money elsewhere.

i've had someone play the 'sentimental' card on me backwards before. they just created the alt, knew i wanted it for my own sentimental reasons, and wanted to charge me an ungodly amount for it.

i don't care if someone wants to charge extra if they've had the alt forever and it was their main, blah blah blah. but charging someone extra because you know they want it is just shit and a majorly low blow.

yyyyep. that's all i really have to say.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #9: October 09, 2010, 12:09:13 PM»
people can dictate the price of a commodity they possess for sale for basically any reason, it's been that way ever since the first person decided to put value into an object and try to sell it, this isn't anything new.

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Re: sentimental value?
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people can assign whatever value they want to their alts, "sentimental value" or not. i can price a crap alt i have for $50 and say it's that high because of "sentimental value," but that doesn't mean someone will buy it. i won't sell the alt unless a. someone really wants it; or b. i lower the price. the real price of "sentimental value" can be whatever the hell i want, but that doesn't mean i'll make any money. just because someone assigns something a value doesn't make it actually worth that much, it's only worth that much because the owner says it is.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #11: October 23, 2010, 11:29:35 AM»
Honestly, someone's price is someone's price.  I've never felt that anyone owed me an explanation for their pricing.  If they want to share their story, that's one thing, but as so many people will readily repeat: they can price their alts and other goods as they like.

I understand the notion of sentimental value just fine.  I also understand why it's made its way onto the pet peeve lists of so many people.  However, the bottom line is the bottom line, and if me or another seller is asking X price for an alt, then it is what it is and the potential buyer or myself may choose to agree to that price or not.

That being said, I do not believe that sentimental value is less valid a reason as any other I can think of to price an alt (or any other) higher than what most folks might deem reasonable--if such a thing as a reasonable price for something like a Furcadia character can be determined to begin with.

So much of what I wanted to say has been said by others.

Jacki:  Well said on the subject of selling alts because one needs money != not having a job.  I myself do find it unfortunate that so many are so quick to come to the conclusion that someone who needs a little extra by way of selling, as you said, a luxury item, must mean that they aren't putting forth an honest effort and working for a living.

Exavier:  I agree entirely with your challenge to the idea that selling alts is quick or easy money.  I sell alts because I no longer use them, and it's never an urgent thing; if I were in the position of relying on alt sales to raise money I needed, particularly within tight time constraints, I'd be more than a little bit nervous.

Whether someone's price was determined due to sentimental value, the price they paid when they acquired it, the money they've put into it in terms of art and other such things, or simply the notion that they could potentially get that much for it and make a few dollars for themselves makes no difference to me personally when determining whether or not I want to buy something.

I will say, however, that quite a few folks have expressed their concerns over what happens to an alt they are very attached to.  I do take these things into consideration.  For example, if someone is selling their beloved former main and I have every intention of reselling it within a year or so, I might be less inclined to buy it than I would be if I were planning on keeping it indefinitely.  My personal preference in dealing with things like these is to respect the wishes and concerns of other folks, whether or not--by any business standards--such considerations are appropriate.

That's all just me, though.  :)

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #12: November 16, 2010, 05:28:03 PM»
I wish there was a like button for posts... Then I realized I go on facebook too much.
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Re: sentimental value?
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Please keep all posts relevant and on-topic or don't bother to post at all. Thanks.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #14: May 17, 2011, 03:44:13 PM»
I realize this topic is a bit old, but I have a new perspective:

Have any of you ever decreased the price of an alt because of sentimental feelings?
I just feel this topic assumes that sentimental feelings are always a factor of inflation.

For example, I don't want anything to do with many of my alts anymore. Majority of them are associated with an ex girlfriend. These sentimental feelings are actually why almost all my alt list is "for trade" - and why they aren't jacked up to impossible prices because of sentiments.

I am curious to see what people think of this "oh so bad sentiments" thing when they realize it actually makes alts available for trade and reasonably priced in some cases.
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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #15: May 24, 2011, 10:48:42 PM»
the only alt that has sentimental value of mine is toto cos that's my dog's name and he died etc. i'd never give hamlet up either because i got a history with that name or whatever.

and yeah that's kinda normal mable like getting rid of your ex's clothes or whatever.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #16: May 31, 2011, 02:16:22 AM»
i dunno - some people will refuse to sell an alt because of sentimental value, and some people let alts rot when they quit because they're attached(or just don't want to bother with selling them).

i don't see anything wrong with charging more for an alt because you're attached, but it might not sell right away or at all. but at least they won't rot or something idk

if some guy had a really good alt and they put the price at a pretty high number, someone out there will pay it.

sorry i have really crappy organization in my writing lol


Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #17: June 09, 2011, 12:41:19 AM»
i dunno - some people will refuse to sell an alt because of sentimental value, and some people let alts rot when they quit because they're attached(or just don't want to bother with selling them).

i don't see anything wrong with charging more for an alt because you're attached, but it might not sell right away or at all. but at least they won't rot or something idk

if some guy had a really good alt and they put the price at a pretty high number, someone out there will pay it.

sorry i have really crappy organization in my writing lol

This. I won't sell any of my alts because of sentimental value, If I'm like 60 years old and needing money in the future I'd sell them, but they would be priced high because of sentimental value.

Sentimental value grows and grows more and more over the time you own the alt. So It is harder to let go.  Only reason some people sell alts of sentimental value is because they need the money plain and short of it.

I could understand if your selling it because it was your ex's alt or they bought it for you and you want it gone. That's understandable, why the price is either lowered or raised. Lowered because they want it gone fast, and want nothing to do with it or Raised because they miss their ex and it's harder to part with. Ect ect.

I Also feel that it was never my choice to ask why the alt was priced the way it was and if I know its because of sentimental value, Then I (A) either walk away because It's too much and I accept that or (B) I buy it for their asking price if I really want the alt.

That's my view at least.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #18: June 10, 2011, 04:03:55 PM»
i think the whole topic of sentimental value is pointless, really. back when i bought alts i could care less what someone's reason for pricing was. bottom line was it was THIS price; did i wanna pay it or not? sometimes yes, sometimes no. i think the subject of sentimental value is meaningless since prices are subjective. alts can not have sentimental value and still be overpriced due to other factors, even ones as simple as "i think my name is worth this much just because." ultimately i don't think it matters why people price alts as they do... just because or based on sentimental value. it's either you wanna pay it or you don't. the end. that's just how i see it.

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #19: June 22, 2011, 08:46:54 PM»
I say that if people were really that attached to an alt enough to tack on a higher cost for sentimental value, then they shouldn't be selling the alt. Either you want it gone or you don't, but don't try to charge more for something you clearly don't want. Elsewise, what's the point in putting it up for sale at all?

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Re: sentimental value?
«Reply #20: June 22, 2011, 09:46:01 PM»
I say that if people were really that attached to an alt enough to tack on a higher cost for sentimental value, then they shouldn't be selling the alt. Either you want it gone or you don't, but don't try to charge more for something you clearly don't want. Elsewise, what's the point in putting it up for sale at all?

The reason people tack on an extra price for sentimental alts isn't just to be a dick, or even that they don't REALLY want to let it go. It's because they will let it go, but only for the right price. A higher price will get them to feel good about letting that sentimental alt go. Sometimes people need that extra incentive to sell an alt they might really love, but aren't able to use the way they want to. Instead of letting it rot and not giving others a chance at it, they're willing to part with it for the right price. Both parties can be happy this way.

Also, this isn't to say that people who let alts rot are in the wrong. They can do what they want with them because it's theirs. However, that's my take on why people who DO sell their sentimental alts price them higher.