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The old fu,marvelous, ectect.
«: September 07, 2010, 03:25:53 PM»
Making a thread for them as they do not have access to fam. I have been good friends with them via msn./deviantart for a long time. Latly people have been telling her they will not buy from them, because she was switching accounts on fam or alts or whatever. This isn't a warning, or anything of the sort, As i just bought fu and damnate no problem via paypal. They are accused of being mckaw/kiba. which is not true. She told me that one a few individuals are suspicious of her for it. I would like to know if you have ever had bad or good experience with them, I want to clear all this up. I'm posting for her as I said she cant, I have permission to post logs.

Hay: I'm tired of being accused its why I am leaving furcadia, this is all because of konrad/jelly's doing. If I had never had met her she wouldn't of spread lies throughout my furcadia life hence the switching alts and fam. because people believe her lies.
Hikari: Well, I dont know why people have a problem with you i bought alts off you no problem you oen of the nicest people, whether people believe it or not.
Hay: well thankies.  I'm just sick of this and would like to know why there ''accusing me of scamming'' Or whatever can you make a thread as I no longer log on fam except to bump my thread.
Hikari: No problem.
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Re: The old fu,marvelous, ectect.
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This is more of a review than a scam alert.
Locked. If a scam has indeed taken place which was a direct result for this thread needing to be made, contact me and I will unlock to allow assistance with resolving.

This section is for alerting the community of potential scammers, not polishing the reputations of the accused.
Please use the review board for getting reviews of people's reputation in trading, not the Scam Alerts boards.
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