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Disbelief in "reverse" racism
«: September 01, 2010, 03:18:47 AM»
Let's do this.

First of all, why is it called "Reverse" racism? Why is it the belief that only whites (the so-called majority) can be racist? That no one can be racist toward whites?

Why do people refuse to believe a "minority" can be racist?


I went to a school that was MAJORITY black (for a year of my life). There were maybe a dozen white kids in the school, and about the same number of any other race. I may be exaggerating in the slightest, but not enough to make whites/any other race except black even close to half the makeup of the school population. I was bullied, beaten up, etc., for being white. The shouts of HONKY, WHITEY, and CRACKER make it pretty obvious that was the reason. Some will tell me that was not racist of the black students. If I use their logic against them that only the majority can be racist, they fire back that blacks are a minority, overall. If I use the simple logic that they were doing it because of my race, I am informed only whites can be racist.

Another form of racism I have run in to is not about skin colour, but about accent/raising/area. I was unaware of this form of racism until I got with my current boyfriend, who is in the UK, and I learned that, while I was over there, saying something about someone's religion/area of birth/etc was considered racism, and was illegal. This is not the meat of the topic to be discussed, but it's something I figured I'd also toss out there. Oddly enough, my southern accent, back when I still had it, got me quite a deal of abuse when I moved to the north.


My opinion? Everyone is racist, everyone can BE racist. It doesn't matter what colour you are, how much of a minority you are, you are racist if you make an unwanted remark on someone else's race. I am extremely confused by those who do not "believe" in "reverse" racism, and I feel calling it "reverse" racism is absolutely ridiculous, as it is, plain and simple, racism. It doesn't need a special name, as it belittles the act and makes it seem lesser and unbelievable.

Discussion, GO.

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Re: Disbelief in "reverse" racism
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Completely agree, reverse racism is bullshit.

I spent 6 years in a school where the majority was Native Americans and Mexicans. I didn't get much crap from any Mexicans, so they're fine, but jesus christ on a stick am I glad I left that school district after elementary, before things got violent. The Natives will step all over white kids (especially if they don't play basketball, just sayin') because they can. Little wanna-be gangs are all over, and they totally bring race into their stupid fights.

Hell, even I'm racist now thanks to my experiences. It's pretty hard not to be, since I see the stereotypes of Natives in this area fulfilled over and over and over and over again. Sorry, but that's the truth. I don't harass anybody for their race or anything, but if an Indian kid in saggy clothing and expensive basketball shoes that the government most likely bought for him is about to walk past me, I walk across the road. And the way they speak... they brutally rape English.


Re: Disbelief in "reverse" racism
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My manager recently had a group of hispanics call him racist, because he kicked them out of a theater they didn't buy tickets to (and it was a 3d film, and they didn't even pay full price for a REGULAR show, thus did not have the glasses to watch it and were just being blatantly stupid).

I think the term 'reverse racism' refers to how races play the race card on another race (usually white). It's not so much other races being racist against whites, it's just saying that "you are racist against me!" like the situation above.

However, yes, a lot of people are racist against whites and people don't seem to get that. I'm actually afraid to talk to other races in case they do something like that to me, because I definitely chose to be the superior white being that I am just to piss you off. :/

For the record: I am not racist. I'm stereotypist. If there's someone with dark skin acting like a normal, civilized human being, I'm cool. If there's someone (black, white, hispanic, asian, i don't care) acting like a punk, I hate them.