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Dear FAM Community,

We as the staff love being able to help you out and keep things running smoothly for your enjoyment. However, we don't like having to solve the same problem over and over again. Mainly, when we must remind individuals to read the rules of the forum several times a day it makes us sad.

So in light of the lack of responsibility of some individuals to read the announcements, rules, and notes of wisdom we are enacting a one strike rule. You fail to read the rules (such as making two threads in the high volume Alternative Announcement board) your account will be locked. When FAMv4 is released your account will be unlocked, but you will not have the ability to post on the forums. Please contact Insane, Turquoise, or Narnia on Furcadia for a chance to release your account earlier.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or wish to discuss what happened please feel free to send a private message to Narnia, Kiwi, or Turquoise.

So please take the time to read all of the announcements we have made to make our community a better place:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Support Forum Rules
    Scam Alert Rules and Logs Information
    Artwork Theft Information and Solutions
    Trade Review Rules
    Alternative Announcement Rules
    Unarchived Alts Rules and Privacy
    Digo Board Rules
    Artist Nook Rules
    General Talk Rules
    Thank you once again.


    Please direct all discussion here.
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    Contactable for any reason.