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MUST READ (This could be why you can't log on)
«: March 23, 2007, 11:00:47 PM»
Dear FAM Community,

The staff at FAM loves helping you out and keeping things running smoothly for all of our enjoyment. To do this we have created rules and guidelines to keep things organized and allow us more time to spend with you and not fixing the same problems over and over.

You must take the responsibility to read the rules and check out the frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or wish to discuss please feel free to send a private message to or contact on Furcadia: Narnia, Turquoise, or Kiwi.

So please take the time to read all of the announcements we have made to make our community a better place:

    Furcadia Alt Market Terms of Service
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Avatars and Signatures
    Advertising on Furcadia Unsupported
    Duplicate Alt Deletions
    Question and Support Forum Rules
    Question and Support Forum Subject Keys
    Scam Alert Rules and Logs Information
    Artwork Theft Information and Solutions
    Trade Review Rules
    Alternative Announcement Rules
    Unarchived Alts Rules and Privacy
    Digo Board Rules
    Artist Nook Rules
    FAMafia Rules
    Thank you once again.

    Furcadia Contacts: Kiwi                                                
    Contactable for any reason.