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Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«: August 17, 2010, 08:13:46 PM»
This seems to be coming up in conversation a lot for me lately with the new school year coming dangerously close.

Based on your experiences and impressions, what form of schooling (or combination of them, in my case at least) would you put your children through, or what would you prefer for yourself? What are these systems like in your area?

My impression of our local public schools is... fairly poor. I went to a public elementary school, and I had a hard time socially. White kids count as a minority in some parts of my county, and I happened to be in one of them. I was also a nerdy bookworm with no athletic ability. I still had friends, though. Middle schools here are apparently really, really vicious. I have heard of some pretty screwed up things happening in the district we used to live in and beyond. High schools are typically massive (in comparison to mine) and notorious for gang activity on school grounds. Academically, I would have perfect marks if I were in public, plus more AP/Honors credits and opportunities for class choices. They have the resources to offer more. Sports are huge and extremely competitive, even within teams.

I still like my private Catholic high school. The community is small, so we all know each other. People still get into trouble, but it's quite possible to find people who aren't into drama and/or partying. We are good enough in sports to be (pretty much) forced to opt up to League 1A. The classes are challenging (except for religion maybe), but there are less AP/Honors classes and only Spanish available for foreign language class. The tuition is, well... pretty dang high, but   the teachers have to eat too. We still have a lot of opportunities offered to us... colleges like to see private school students.

Now for home schooling. Maybe it's just where I live, but that is an excellent way to make sure your kid is screwed up for life. I have met many home school families, and these kids aren't just "different". They honestly don't know how to conduct themselves around other people. I've met a few exceptions to this, but I really think that kids need to be exposed to other people. The real world isn't full of sunshine and rainbows and they need to know that. What's really sad is seeing these kids thrown into public schools all of a sudden and pretty much eaten alive or sucked into things they shouldn't be doing. I've seen a lot of that, too. No offense to anyone who is home schooled, this is just what I've seen.

Anyway, I think I'll start my kid(s) off in a public elementary school, put them in a private middle school, then allow them the choice of a public or private high school. This is assuming I'll be as successful as I hope and be able to afford private schooling.


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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #1: August 17, 2010, 08:28:24 PM»
I've gone to public school my whole life and have never had a problem with it. Both my middle and elementary schools were in predominantly white areas, but my high school is in an area where whites are the minority. There really was no difference to me (I am white myself). I'm happy with the education I've received in public schools, and felt like I've had enough AP/Honors classes to both challenge and further my education. I've never had an experience in a private high school (no money), and home schooling just seemed like a really lazy idea to me.

As for friends, I moved 4 times and went to two different high schools. It was hard, but I got over it. Some people didn't like me, I didn't like some people, it happens. You won't always feel totally socially accepted everywhere you go.

The only reason I would suggest Private/Home schooling over public is if the public school really, honestly, is poor. I'm talking in the ghetto, shootings, failing teachers, etc., or if you can't pass the standardized tests (if applicable). I know that my sister couldn't pass the standardized testing in Florida, so my mom had to home school her for her senior yeah. My sister absolutely hated it. Both of my cousins are going through that same issue also; if you can't pass the FCAT in Florida, you're not allowed a high school diploma.

I choose public schools. Probably because I'm biased about it, but I like them.
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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #2: August 17, 2010, 09:01:12 PM»
most likely, i would put my kids through public school, since i prefer it for myself (and most people). i went to a private elementary school with a class of the same 20 kids for about 10 years. i was really skittish and bookish and basically a huge loser, i had maybe 1 or 2 friends i was really close with. in contrast i had to go to a huge public high school and i practically broke down on my first day there, i was scared shitless of having to socialize and meet so many new people. well what do you know, that first year of forced socialization was pretty awesome, i'm proud to say it's definitely changed me for the better.

private schooling isn't necessarily bad, though. my friend goes to a private upper class college and even though her classes have about 10 kids max, a lot of them are international students so she definitely meets a lot of new people that she probably wouldn't have in public school. plus she's a boarder so she shares a room with girls from beijing and tokyo. i've visited the school and it's an enormous difference in attitude from public school, too. there's no cattiness, everybody there is a little nervous to be so far from home, but they're also intelligent and really friendly. private schools give you so much hands-on attention too, NOBODY slips through the system. they even have a rehab program hosted by the school which you're forced to go through if they catch your drinking or smoking. actually now that i think about it that kind of sucks

homeschooling is just... i don't know. socialization is necessary, obviously, because you're gonna be dealing with people your whole life so it's probably good to learn how to talk to them while you're still young. but on the other hand i know there are some kids at my school who probably have severe nervous disorders or something because they're always anxious and (usually) always alone. i know a lot of furries here are fond of the SINK OR SWIM attitude to life but there's no way that thrusting a socially stunted aspie into a situation where there are 2000 vicious teenagers to be preyed on by will always benefit them. being the target of bullies for 4 years will probably do them more harm than good, so yeah i think home schooling is necessary for kids that need special attention. either that or put them into one of those private schools specially made for kids with mental problems, but that might even be worse.

and if your family is normal (as opposed to hathor the cow goddess) then there's no reason you can't still be social. it's equally sad if your social life ONLY consists of school

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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #3: August 17, 2010, 09:28:16 PM»
There are two types of home schooling families: the psycho "I want to shelter my child from anything and everything ever, so that they are damaged and ass-backwards for life" and the sane type, who either move a lot (like I did) or honestly can do a better job at educating their children than the school system (like my parents). My dad's cousins, who are both teachers in public schools, suggested that I be home schooled if there wasn't a private school near us when we moved, because the public system was/is so bad.

I went to Catholic school for primary and then I was home schooled from the second half of 5th-12th grade and I turned out fine. I have a fair amount of friends, I'm independent, smart (3.78 GPA, decent), open minded, and socially capable. Just because you're home schooled doesn't mean that you're not able to cope in society. I hung out with my friends when their school day ended, I was in other activities (horseback, Taekwondo, swimming, tap and ballet).. which may be why I am the way I am and not the "fucked up" kid like everyone views home schoolers. Home schooling doesn't prevent you from doing that shit, it's the parents.

I loved going to a private school and if I had a high school near me, I probably would have went to one. I liked having rules. I enjoyed wearing a uniform everyday, didn't have to worry about wearing something to fit in. It was challenging and well ahead of public school.. I went to public school for 3 weeks during the later half 5th grade and all the shit they were teaching, I had learnt during the beginning of 4th grade.. that's pretty damn sad.

Public school, in my opinion, sucks to the greatest extent. It's one giant daycare, a cesspool. People are soooo caught up with stupid shit, like appearance and interests. Freaks, geeks, preps, etc. Not that private school doesn't have the same but I'd imagine it being a whole hell of a lot less. The whole thought of it annoys me. I'm glad I didn't go to one (excluding 3 weeks).

If I were to have kids, I would send them to a private school. One not near us? I'll drive forever and a day to take them to one. I would not home school, simply because that would take up my day and I'm very selfish.
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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #4: August 17, 2010, 09:56:59 PM»
I was homeschooled till highschool, and I am now a junior this year.

1) Sleeping in leads to better concentration throughout the school day.
2) when you are sick, you are able to get medicine easilly and then continue with your lesson.
3) Being able to snack all class increases concentration, thus leading to retention of information.
4) No peer pressure about how you dress. You don't have to dress like the fad at the crack of dawn, nor wear uncomfortable starched uniforms, thus you worry about this less and focus more on learning.
5) No bullies, and thus less trauma at a vulnerable stage of life (think gay/bi/les, minority race/religion/belief, ect.)
6) You can move ahead if you're skilled enough. When I would of been in the 8th grade, I was already at University reading/vocabulary level (got a test at once of those commercial assessment places).
7) Extensive amount of friends. Despite narrow minded belief here, due to the "home" in homeschooler, homeschoolers and their parents have large networks. We have "recess" playdates, in which kids may play and parents better their lesson plans... and we have workshops. I was in one that had an entire building, with sports and ceramics and music and its own chapel, plus the other things people assume we're missing out on.
8) 1:2 ratio, or 1:1 at worst. As in students to teacher (or, in this case, parent) ratio. Small colleges often have 13:1, well, we beat them in this catagory by a mile. My current charter high school boasts about small numbers, but it is still 30:1 in most classes (if not more).
9) Allows you to manage your time and education more personally.

Sure, we still pay taxes for public school, but it is a meaningless sacrifice compared to the sub par education recieved at these facilities.

When I was 10, I recieved an offer to do a student exchange. I go to Australia to learn, and a kid from Australia stays with my family. Homeschooler provided.

When I finally did enter highschool, my first touch of public/charter school, I recieved a scholarship the next year as a sophomore. This was so rare and unheard of, that my CAP teacher announced it. It was for 7k, a full ride, to a summer weeklong college camp. It is an offshoot of that Chicago art university, so it was high class as well.

At this camp, I met another homeschooler who was still homeschooled. She also won the scholarship.

Oh, and yeah... I am in high school now, but it is a charter one. Basically public, but with better standards. It is second place in my state, only behind a private school. Newsweek places my school in the top 100 as well, in 2010 as well as other years.

On top of it all, I am openly gay and run the GSA. Certainly not the "perfect" idealism you all think home schoolers crumble under.
Even though I hear awful things, even about my natural red hair, I bite back. I am certainly no wuss.
Most homeschoolers are from cities, since we have to be for the group reasons, so I have to wonder where you guys are finding all these weak homeschoolers.

(P.S. Most likely you are noticing the usual weak kid, and then mistakenly connecting homeschooling to their condition. You just don't notice the thriving home schooler, because we blend in so well). answer the question, I would home school my kid and then let them go to a top charter school for the clubs.
Never a private religious school though, and never Catholic indoctrinating "AIDS is the wrath of god", no condoms to stop stds, gays are going to burn in hell, women priests are worse than pedophiles (actual Pope statement), ect into my moldable child.
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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #5: August 17, 2010, 10:50:19 PM»
Even though I hear awful things, even about my natural red hair, I bite back. I am certainly no wuss.
Most homeschoolers are from cities, since we have to be for the group reasons, so I have to wonder where you guys are finding all these weak homeschoolers.

(P.S. Most likely you are noticing the usual weak kid, and then mistakenly connecting homeschooling to their condition. You just don't notice the thriving home schooler, because we blend in so well).
Everything you said, especially this.

I've met a few of those weak, socially inept home schoolers and they all were God-fearing kids, living in the middle of fucking nowhere. /shrugs
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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #6: August 18, 2010, 11:20:07 PM»
Most people who shit on homeschoolers have never actually met a homeschooled person in their life and are parroting untrue bullshit told to them by other people who also know absolutely nothing about homeschooling. Homeschooling and locking your child inside the house are not the same thing and are not even remotely correlated. Homeschooled children excel in every metric.

I went to public school until grade 8 and then started an online school program which I guess technically counts as homeschooling. It did not magically give me aspergers.

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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #7: August 19, 2010, 07:53:00 PM»
 i used to go to public school and kids would stab eachother with pencils and get in huge fights almost everyday so my dad pulled me out and made me go to private school. i personally felt like I was learning nothing in public school.. I had already known everything they were teaching and all of the distractions probably set me back further. private school was alright, i was sent to some other place like two times a week for my AP and Honor classes because they were non-profit and kind of small.

 i have friends that are homeschooled.. and they are probably the most outgoing people i know. they're in 4H and tons of clubs, they're proper and overall really wonderful. The exact opposite of a shut in.
 when i was in public school everyone was depressed hormonal psychopaths.. who probably should have been locked in their room for other peoples safety.

i would love to try home schooling, i think it holds great benefits. and if i have children, them too. i really hope to not go to public school ever again.

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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #8: August 19, 2010, 08:57:29 PM»
Let me correct myself. Now that I really think about it, I'm not being fair when I say the majority of home schoolers where I live are socially awkward. Quite a few that I've met are, but the group I swing dance with is mostly home schooled kids and they're pretty awesome. It's mostly the ones I met at church that have a hard time, actually...

Not all public schools are terrible evil cesspools of sex, drugs and gangsters either. But the ones in my area are...

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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #9: October 13, 2010, 05:41:15 PM»
I've never been to public school, mainly because practically all the ones in my area are complete shit, but I have experienced both private and homeschool. 

My mom homeschooled me for most of elementary school and all of middle school (I went to a private elementary school for a couple of years) and I think, if you have a parent or someone similar who is effective at teaching, that homeschooling is the best option for younger kids.  My mom wanted to make sure I had personalized attention so I would have a very strong foundation in reading and math especially because with the ground work laid I could go up as far as I wanted to in my studies.  But with that being said I think it would be difficult to continue homeschooling past middle school (and even that's pushing it) because while having the 1 on 1 attention is still great most people wouldn't have a parent who can teach high school (or even college for AP and such) level math, science, foreign language, etc and be able to answer questions like someone versed in the field could (I know many schools have a lot of shitty teachers who wouldn't be able to do that either but I'm writing from my perspective of having great teachers in a private high school).  This opinion really just comes from my personal experience of having to teach myself pretty much all of my middle school math and science and it isn't a statement that it can't or shouldn't be done.

I don't have as much to say about private school since I haven't experienced it for as long of a time, but for me personally going to a small private high school was better than continuing with homeschool mainly because my mom is extremely insufferable at times and we clash too much to be around each other 24/7.

In terms of the "antisocial" issue people think homeschoolers have it's a fact that homeschoolers most likely aren't going to be around as many other kids as their public or even private school counterparts but they may be a good thing with all the bullying and peer pressure issues going on in schools.  It's really up to the parents on that one but its not a difficult hurdle to overcome just let the kid play outside with other kids on the street or set up play dates at parks or homes.  I personally have antisocial tendencies but not due to being homeschooled, its more due to the fact that most people are inherently stupid and I'd prefer not to waste my time or energy on them.

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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #10: October 14, 2010, 08:41:41 PM»
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Re: Private vs. Public vs. Home Schools
«Reply #11: October 17, 2010, 11:45:33 AM»
Went to a private school from pre-school until 8th grade, than switched to a public school for high school. Yeah, the academics were a bit high, but nothing honors classes at public schools couldn't solve. I personally like public schools better. Going to a private school I had to deal with the same 20 people for most of my childhood, which included a lot more drama, and a lot more judgment from other kids who thought themselves 'better' than the others based on money.

At a public school there are a lot more classes to choose from, more academic oppurtunites (Like IB program, ceramics, AP, etc), and you got to meet a large amount of new people from all different kinds of social standings. Not only that, but how much money someone had, had nothing to do with the person you were.

Any school you go to is going to have drama.