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Ok, let me get to the punch; I HAVE contacted the guardians about this issue.

    SO, apparently, a, "Guardian" has told someone who had their alt stolen, that my twos alts, Dipstick and Comedia, (comedia I sold 2 or 3 days ago) were used to steal and supposedly, "Hack" people. And if they really did contact a guardian, the guardian’s would have contacted me, or banned Dipstick.

   Now, I don't have permission to post logs, because the person I was talking to wouldn't allow me, and I never bothered to ask the person who told me about it. So, I will SUMMARIZE everything.

I was talking so Song about doing a trade with my Life Gryffe for their alts, when they were told by Troy Browne/Troy Brownie that Dipstick/Comedia/Comfort (Yet, I do not own Comfort, nor have I ever) were "hacking" people. Well, Mind you, we all know HACKING is not possible, unless someone has your password and such.
(I think they said that the person’s alts that were hacked were Sneezes, and that they contacted Guardians)
They said that a friend of theirs were, “hacked” and the GUARDIANS said it was dipstick (me.) Which I find VERY hard to believe, considering I haven’t even been on her, and my password is VERY difficult to get due to the fact that I’ve made it in the most possible difficult I could think of. So I think this is all bull shit. (Excuse my language.)

    Well, while I spoke to Troy Browne, I had asked them why the hell they were telling people I was scamming. (Yes, I came off really strong and pissed off of being accused by HIM, but who wouldn't?) He just simply said, "Because." Well, while I waited for an elaborated answer, I got nothing, and got defensive. When I informed him I had sold Comedia 2 or 3 nights ago, he asked about Dipstick, and I told him I still had her and haven’t been on her in a few days; while explaining this, I got on Dipstick to make sure I could log in, and it didn’t show any signs of being tampered with. She was where I left her.  Then he sat there and acted like I WAS the hacker. I’m sorry, but then I went off. He said that he thinks he knew who the hacker was, and refused to tell me, in case they “hacked” him. And then I found it fishy that he STILL refused to tell me who he thought the hacker was, because clearly they were using MY ALTS to do this so called, “HACKING” job, and that I’d take their names straight to the guardians rather than confronting them. (You can tell I don’t believe in ‘hacking’ because it’s not possible – scamming and stealing, is, however.)
   However, I tried to explain to them that by hiding their name and not telling me who’s USING my alts to do all this, and not telling me who it is, they’re an accessory to hiding a thief.

EDIT: I was just told that Troy BrowneStole my friend's friend's alts.. I do believe he's just trying to blame someone else for what HE did. I'm not saying names, as they asked to be kept private.

   I also tried to explain that while it’s impossible to get  “Hacked” it is possible to have an alt stolen if someone knows the password to your alt. And of course, they sat there saying, “it seems like you know a lot about hacking. Maybe you are the hacker.” So that pissed me off and I said, no, they could simply look on FAM, and that’s what they say. So, while I waited for a reply from the guardians, I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on.
Whoever owns Comfort also needs to come forward and state their side. They need to know that they’re being accused as well.
I will post here again and let people know what the guardians said..
IF you’ve heard about this, or have been spoken to by the accused alts and have been scammed, please let me know.
I need to figure out if someone’s been on my alts (Comedia and Dipstick) to scam people or if these people are just starting stupid rumors and are just trying to cause problems.
(Yes, I have changed the password on Dipstick.)

EDIT: I’ve been informed that Sneezes has refused to show logs with the guardian OR even give a name, which I find fishy as well, because why would they hesitate to show them? I’m going to contact Sneezes ASAP.

talked to Troy Borwne/Brownie about everything that's going on once more, and told him how he was being accused as well. Mind you, I was not the one ACCUSING him; I was simply told that he "stole" something from someone. I didn't get any details. The only reason I placed that on the thread is so people could back this up, or I could rule it off as a rumor.

The only reason I posted the thread, was because I wante everyone to hear my story, because a few people I know heard about what Troy and/or Sneezes misunderstood, and confronted me about. I wasn't panicking, I was just furious with how far this went.

Sneezes and I have talked about everything, and are working things out; I've explained to them all the misunderstanding and such.

While I was talking to Troy, he provied me with logs of the conversation and such that Sneezes/Nyro had with Emeral flame, and I wanted to post those. So in a way, Troy is also helping us out a swell.

08/17/10 17:59:50 Troy Brownie: 08/15/10 16:51:20 Troy Brownie: duuuude, dipstick hacked you? 08/15/10 16:51:38 Sneezes: Yep 08/15/10 16:51:38 Troy Brownie: smd 08/15/10 16:51:45 Troy Brownie: ignore the autoresponse 08/15/10 16:51:49 Sneezes: Dear Sneezes,  It appears you transfered those Primewings to Comedia. If you didn't transfer these I suggest that you change your password right away and let the Guardians know.  2010-08-12 06:54:41 - user prime wings #132251 transfer Player Sneezes transferred Prime Wings #132251 (Track   View) to Comedia  Let us know if you need any other assistance,  ~Emerald Flame  08/15/10 16:51:49 Troy Brownie: and wow 08/15/10 16:52:16 Sneezes: I've emailed cironir about it, we'll see what happens 08/15/10 16:52:19 Troy Brownie: but howd you knw it was dipstick 08/15/10 16:52:34 Sneezes: Because Comedia is dipsticks alt 08/15/10 16:56:19 Troy Brownie: ah 08/15/10 16:57:08 Sneezes: Mhm :/ 08/15/10 16:57:22 Sneezes: I just don't know why she hacked me of all people 08/15/10 16:57:31 Troy Brownie: that's fucked up G 08/15/10 16:57:39 Sneezes: Yeah, it is 08/15/10 16:57:51 Sneezes: She's gonna get in big trouble tho

Yes, I did get permission from Troy to post these.

We see now that it was all just a misunderstaning, and Sneezes and I are trying to figure out who really is behind all this as I try to figure out who bought Comedia off of me.

The person who I sold Comedia to was Wintersleep.

The alt was sold at ... 08/11/10 17:14:56

That's when I issued the password to them, and I believe they said that the theft of their wings occured on 8/14/10. Assuming they still have it, I do believe that they still own it, and i've placed them on my Pounce list in case I can catch them online. :)

And the guardian's have yet to Answer mine and Sneeze's e-mails to them.
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we all know that what troy is saying is complete and utter bullshit.
as you stated, it's impossible to "hack" characters.. unless you have access to the password. and, obviously, if a guardian had said you were doing such, of course Dipstick would be frozen. ask for a guardians name? if troy thinks the bullshit he's spewing is solid proof, tell him to give you the guardians name. lol.

i know for a fact you're a legitimate buyer/seller, and i don't even think you're capable of doing something wrong (such as hacking or whatever the hell). i don't think you have a thing to worry about, but it's nice to see you defending yourself. <3
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>>> alts for sale HERE.

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we all know that what troy is saying is complete and utter bullshit.
as you stated, it's impossible to "hack" characters.. unless you have access to the password. and, obviously, if a guardian had said you were doing such, of course Dipstick would be frozen. ask for a guardians name? if troy thinks the bullshit he's spewing is solid proof, tell him to give you the guardians name. lol.

i know for a fact you're a legitimate buyer/seller, and i don't even think you're capable of doing something wrong (such as hacking or whatever the hell). i don't think you have a thing to worry about, but it's nice to see you defending yourself. <3

And thanks Michy! :D
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(23:33:41) Milkshake: By the way, Humor who whispered you for a trade thought he was talking to me. He originally offered a life gryffe, if that's what got you confused. (And do it in the extras boards... I'll find out the name of it here in a sec. xD)
(23:33:57) Song: Oh, i know. I got ahold of them. n_n
(23:34:20) Milkshake: Y'know what's going on with this scamming thing? I've traded with them a lot and they're a good friend.
(23:34:34) Song: No, i've got no idea.
(23:34:43) Milkshake: Did someone tell you they scam people? >:
(23:34:45) Song: My buddies were all, "Careful of Dipstick"
(23:35:10) * Milkshake has traded with them tons before, they're not bad. It's not fair that they're being accused of scamming/hacking people.
(23:35:14) Song: and when i asked why, they said they hack people through email.
(23:35:30) Song: When i asked for logs, one of them was all, "i'm too lazy/tired"
(23:35:38) Song: So, i don't believe them.
(23:35:42) Song: Humor seems trustworthy
(23:35:42) Milkshake: Then it's probably just a personal vendetta.
(23:35:54) Milkshake: Do you mind if I post these logs, darling? <3 Please? It'll get it all cleared up real quick.
(23:36:06) Song: Of course! :)
(23:36:30) Song: As long as i don't get accused of something xD
(23:36:46) Milkshake: Nono. ^^
(23:36:50) Milkshake: You're not getting accused of anything.
(23:37:02) * Song wants to read the thread when you're done
(23:37:34) Milkshake: Kk. :3 You were only mentioned as the person who was spoken to.

There we go guys. xD

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I heard back from the Guardians, but they asked for the logs, so I have to wait to hear what they say back..

Another edit: A friend of mine told me that their alts were hacked by Troy Browne, and he's possibly trying to cover up what HE did. I'm not going to give out the person's name, only because they asked not to be revealed.. :)

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This was all a misunderstanding. I don't believe that Humor is behind this, in fact, she's actually helping me out a lot with this big mess. When a digo was stolen off my character, I submitted a ticket and they traced it to Comedia. Me, being pissed off at the situation, and knowing very little of what was going on at the time, went onto fam, and looked up Comedia. I did not know at the time that Humor had traded Comedia, I guess I just assumed it was accurate.

I only told about two of my close friends about all this. But I mentioned that my digo was traced back to Comedia, to a certain someone. (I don't know whether I should say his name?) And, he recognized Comedia as Dipstick, and I guess spread around that Dipstick was a hacker. But basically, I've talked to Humor, and I've said it to her, and I'll say it again, I'm sorry that you were involved in this, it's not fair for anybody. And I'm sorry if your reputation was ruined because of all this, it was all just a big misunderstanding.

And I'm sorry for not replying to your messages. >.< Like I said, I'm on vacation this week, and other than that, I don't really check fam unless I have to haha. Sorry you got accused. :c
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The guardians do not give out specific usernames when dealing with hacking cases, or at least they never had when I've had my conversations with them. In case you couldnt tell, Troy Browne/Brownie/whatever he goes by now is completely and utterly full of shit. He is a troll (and he always has been), and by listening to anything he says, you become a victim.
It sounds as though this "Sneezes" person is an accomplice in the trolling. 
My advice would be to put both names and whatever friends they may have harassing you about this on ignore straight away.  Until you are approached personally (be it through whisper, email, or whatever means the guardians use to contact offending players), I would not sweat it.
Until you see cold hard facts against you, don't panic.
The more I read and re-read this, it seems like they're only trying to get your goat, though to be 100% sure of that, we'll likely need more information.
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humor / dipstick is a good person and the likely hood of them doing any of this is absurd. It really is impossible to ''hack'' without knowing the passwords to the alts. Sneezes is a friend of mine and I don't think snee ment anything by this at all.  Troy always seemed full of drama in my opinion. I hope whatever is going on gets resolved here. this is crap.
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I strongly, strongly doubt Troy would hack somebody. I've known the guy for a while now and I know for a fact he wouldn't do it. That said, he knows the password to my main alt and I've never had a problem with him so much as logging into Birdie. He's had the motive and the opportunity to do it in the past and never has he.

Also, I can understand why you would assume he had something to do with it, but i don't see why you would make a thread blatantly accusing somebody of doing something you're not even completely sure of. In my opinion, you should have probably done more investigating of the situation before that. Meaning, you should have probably talked to the Guardians beforehand.

What's done is done though, and I do hope everything is cleared up.

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I'm hearing a lot of "I know so-and-so and they would never do this ever because blah blah blah!!" I'm saying this so you don't make an ass out of yourselves: don't assume that because they are your friend, it means they are not capable of doing something like this. Look at real life crimes. Many criminals have friends right? In interviews that I have seen, many of those people cannot believe the person was capable of doing what they were convicted of doing.

It does not help the accused's case if you are their friend and claim they couldn't do this because of whatever. I'm not saying that you are wrong, but we don't know if you're right either. If you really are these peoples friends, get THEM to come here and
state their own case. It helps the situation more than "I'm their friend and they're a good person they can't have done that" does.
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Re: Being Accused of Hacking with the alts: Dipstick/Comedia/Comfort
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Julie makes a good point. Locked for now. If the OP or anyone else has relevant information (not "so and so would never do that they're awesome"), feel free to PM myself or another mod to have it added here.
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