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Further Spring Cleaning - Alt Lists
«: June 03, 2010, 03:43:13 PM»
This is a reminder that duplicate alts are NOT to be posted on the alt lists. This has been getting out of hand and eating space in the database that is unnecessary. From now on, repeated failure to follow this rule could lead into action taken against your account with or without warning.

Examples of what is not allowed include but are not limited to:

- Posting alts that are shared by two or more people, one each persons list. If you share an alt, pick a person to list it and list it as SHARED. The feature has been available for quite some time. Make use of it.

- Posting alts on your list with any kind of added marking, because it is listed on someone else's account already. This includes the use of *, ., ~, and anything else you can think of to alter the name so that you can list it. If it is listed on someone else's account, PM them and ask them to remove it. If you don't hear back from them in about a week, or if the account has been inactive for over a month, go to Questions and Support > Alt Removals.

We may not get to these immediately, but we most likely will get it within the day. Just be PATIENT.

If you'd prefer an alt be removed so you can list it privately, you may PM a staff member and we'll be happy to remove it for you.

Please make use of the tools we give you. They are there for YOUR BENEFIT.

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