Author Topic: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?  (Read 6408 times)


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Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«: April 26, 2010, 10:54:16 AM»
Which do you prefer, and why?

  Personally I prefer adopting; giving an abandoned animal a loving home and another chance. There are too many out there right now who need homes, and I think people should adopt. Just because they're not a certain bloodline does not mean they'd not make a nice dog (and even some adoption dogs do have nice papers!). The only problem with adopting is medical history, but even a breeder's pup's fate is uncertain.

  I'm in the process of trying to adopt a Malamute puppy as opposed to getting one from a breeder.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #1: April 26, 2010, 01:17:10 PM»

if i'm devoting 20 years to raising, training, and taking care of a dog, it's going to be in the peak of health and have a good temperament.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #2: April 26, 2010, 01:47:22 PM»
Not every adoptable animal is sickly and are little devils.
Not every bred animal is as healthy as an ox and is an angel.

I'd adopt for the reason Desdemona said.

In my experience, adopted animals are more appreciative of their adopter than bred animals are.
Bred animals its like "Oh hi I was born just for you to take me home, roll out the red carpet!"
Adopted animals its like "Hi I was born but unwanted, thank you so much for taking me in!"

boldened & underlined because i feel like people will skip that part and assume i'm saying all adopted animals are like this

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #3: April 26, 2010, 02:02:56 PM»
alts in thread, quitting

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #4: April 26, 2010, 02:08:15 PM»
I'd adopt.

Only reason I say that is because of my current dog. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but my family and I went out to adopt a full blood german shepherd dog, we arrived at the place, and it was covered in urine, completely unsafe and unsanitary, and we paid 300$ for her (she was underage, but we didn't want to wait 4 months and leave her there in that disgusting breeder's house) and we still had to get her vaccinated and ect. We paid a breeder 300$ ( and the dam had 6 pups, so they made 2400 from the dogs) while they kept the pups in poor condition and in a parasite/infection environment. I honestly wouldn't pay another breeder for another dog, not after seeing the breeder's house.


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #5: April 26, 2010, 02:15:21 PM»
That's terrible. On the same hand, some shelters are pretty gnarly, too. :/

The one thing that I have never liked are backyard breeders who do not have a clue what they're doing, and Puppy Mills. Thankfully, certain groups are cutting down on the number of said "Puppy Mills," for they are often found in the conditions that Pei described. It's just horrible. I also go more for adopting because I figure "There are plenty out there with no homes, why promote more being made?" I also think the same about children, but unfortunately humans do not have breeding regulations... that's another story, however. ;)

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #6: April 26, 2010, 02:33:11 PM»
for me it's half and half. i don't really prefer one over another.
although i must mention that my dog was from a breeder and she is amazing.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #7: April 26, 2010, 02:38:10 PM»

I got my cat from a local cat adoption center that keeps their cats in incredible health. They keep them in foster homes rather than cages, so when you get them, you get an idea of their temperment as well.

I'd be leery adopting from a pound. My family has had rotten luck with pound pets.

I'm only mean out of necessity.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #8: April 26, 2010, 02:58:32 PM»
I'm also inbetween 'em. I've got both of my most recent dogs from breeders, and they are both amazing dogs, and were kept in good conditions as puppies. I believe the dog I had when I was a baby was from an animal shelter, and he was a hellion, but some of my friends have gotten amazing pets from shelters and other adoption places. I'd prefer to adopt, because I can't stand to see animals in little cages, or be up to be euthanized. Makes me sad. ;-;


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #9: April 26, 2010, 03:08:18 PM»
we adopted a foreign dog, hes nuts as hell but he's got his own personality <3 and now a good home. He was a little odd at first, but now hes uber lovly. We never would give him away.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #10: April 26, 2010, 03:18:11 PM»
adopt, and in certain cases breeder.

for example: for a pet, adopt any day hands down, but if you want a working animal for a job, reputable, kennel club approved breeder.
our current dog is a litte 2 year old jacker cross. she was born andd sold to an old lady, who couldnt manage her, who gave her to some gypsies, who couldnt manage her, who gave her to a pub owner, who couldnt manage her, who gave her to us, and after almost a year now, we've only just trained her to walk on heel nicely, sit, paw, come, lie down and get in the back of the car. she still hates the lead and goes into all out satan dog mode whenever she is on it and sees another dog. off the lead, tail wags, licks abound! her personality and behaviours are less dog, more cat, and I swear she has tantrums over the 'wrong treat'.
we had a bad spot a few weeks ago with her, lambing season, and her hunting instinct is as strong as a bull on steroids. the farmer lost two to her, hefty fine for us, but she got away alive and is now going through the 'flea and mite dip' with the sheep in a few weeks, which is what trained our doberman out of sheep killing.


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #11: April 26, 2010, 03:45:12 PM»
Pretty much adoption only for me. An animal is an animal and if it's willing to be my pet I have no reason to turn it away.

I'm also the type of person who would foster pretty much any stray I would ever find.

On another note, I found a white, blue-eyed longhair cat that was a stray. So breeding seems a little pointless if I can find a cat like THAT just on the sidewalk. She's a sweetheart, too. Loves to play and cuddle, and doesn't have any health issues. How did I know she was stray? Still had claws, wasn't spayed, no collar, no one looking for a white cat. Think she was only a few months old, too.

It's not that I don't support breeding, but like I said, seems a little pointless imo.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #12: April 26, 2010, 03:50:40 PM»
i would adopt for your reasons and i'm willing to go through the necessary crap, but not everyone is. bred dogs you can predict their temperament a lot better. idk i'm not against either, as long as the breeder doesn't suck.


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #13: April 26, 2010, 04:31:13 PM»
all dogs/cats i've ever had were adopted or found as strays aside from one. they were/are healthy and sweet animals, too.
let me also mention that the ONE dog that we got from a breeder was sick as hell when we got her (we didn't know) has chronic mange and is only 9 years old but looks older than most 14 year old dogs. we're pretty sure she has cancer, too.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #14: April 26, 2010, 05:06:26 PM»
i just want to say:

Pei not all breeders are like that, and no good breeder would sell for $300 and underaged (It's against the law to sell a puppy younger than 8 weeks).
Also, 300 x 6 is not 2400.
The whole time the bitch is pregnant and nursing she needs to be fed anywhere for x2 to x4 more food, the time it took to raise the pups, the money spent on the parents, ect.
 I know breeders who sell pups for $2000 and BARELY come out even in the end, normally they lose lots of money.
$2000 x 6 = $12,000
Parents would probably have been atleast $3000 each, and if they're CH imports? Easily $4,000.
Health testing on the breeding pair usually comes up to about $1000 to $2000
Traveling money, Breeding license, Show fees, Agility Tracking Flyball fees, registration for the puppies, food, vet, ect. And if you breed Dalmatians, 1 in 3 pups are blind or deaf so you need to euthanize them per breed club rules so you lost out on $3000 there..

 adoption is ok though. i wouldn't adopt if it was my choice. i dont want to adopt a shepherd pup and have it get HD or some other retarded disease because the parents had it and i didnt know.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #15: April 26, 2010, 07:03:56 PM»
I know not ALL breeders are like that, I never said they were. But when a breeder refuses to let you see the dam and the sire, the house is infested with who knows what, cats are in cages outside, you walk in and smell nothing but ammonia and what not, you become wary of it for a long time. My dog hasn't had HD yet, and she's going on 11 years. She's been through a lot, as in being hit by a car going 50+ mph, falling through the ice, recovering from what the vet said would be permanent paralysis (spinal injury).

And we adopted her anyways. She was underage (she was about 6 weeks) but they were suggesting we leave them in that house for another 4 months so they could get all the necessary shots. I honestly wouldn't let my dog sit in a house covered in urine for another 4 months and risk health issues. And we went straight to the vet right afterward and got the shots and made sure she had no health problems from that place.

And these people weren't the kind of people who really cared for their animals, you could easily tell from the condition of the pets and the home. And I actually just checked my dog's papers, she was actually 600$, and all the pups were claimed as 'Healthy' by the people if I remember correctly because all were up for sale at the time. Not sure if they kept any or not, but I would definitely not catch myself supporting another breeder like that before checking the background.


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #16: April 26, 2010, 07:28:49 PM»

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #17: April 26, 2010, 09:08:01 PM»
adoption from my local SPCA has always been my no. 1 choice. i've had some real rotten luck with the county pound (the cat i adopted had feline leukemia &, some odd years later, i adopted a puppy that turned up having parvo; i had to have both put to sleep within a week of adoption) so i try to stay clear from there.

the dog i currently own came from a breeder, but i can't say i'm particularly impressed by them either. the $500 i paid for her included a month of basic obediance classes. the trainer used a HUGE shepard for his demonstration dog. he tugged the leash so hard to correct the poor dog, he was actually lifting her front paws up off the ground. &, yes, he used a choke chain to do it. i can't imagine any respectable breeder treating their dogs like that, or allowing their trainers to do so.

my dog is a sweetheart though. she's very anxious around tall, muscular men which i've always blamed on the breeder that i bought her from. but a really good dog regardless.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #18: April 26, 2010, 09:38:33 PM»
i'm completely against breeders.
for one, what's the point in spending all of that money on a fucking dog?
i mean, really. what do 90% of the population want dogs for? they want them to either be a guard dog and warn them of intruders, or to just be a companion to fill their heart/home.

there's really no difference in a purebred dog or a mutt personality-wise. yeah, sure, some breeds have habitual instincts from birth, but a dog's personality is extremely affected by the way it was trained/treated by its owner. that's why people who say "mutts/pound dogs are aggressive and sickly" just.... pisses me off. really, are you that retarded? some dogs are put into the pound because they ran away. others are in there because their owner died. and yes, some are there for being too much to handle, or for being child/pet-aggressive. once again, that can fall back on the owner of the dog.
this brings me to the idea of people saying shit like:
pitbulls are aggressive, they're fighting machines. <-- i've had 3 pitbulls (one was pit x rott mix) in my life. and i've had 2 black labs. guess what? i've been bitten by my pitbull once, and that was because i accidentally stepped on him in the hallway at night. my black labs were food-aggressive, dog-aggressive, and also snappy with children typically under the age of 6.

and to add to that statement, two pitbulls were adopted from the pound; they were said to be confiscated from overpopulated housing. one was a stray that we found. and guess what? both of the labs were purebred faggots/purchases from a Ducks Unlimited auction, given to us after they were around a  year old with absolutely no training and minimal human interaction. and no, they weren't from the same litter. they were 10 years apart. :L

adoption all the fucking way. when i'm living on my own, you best believe i'm going to have 10 adopted dogs and probably countless adopted cats.
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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #19: April 26, 2010, 10:59:35 PM»
Puppy mills. Need I say more? Not intending to bust your balls, but It sounds like your family purchased from one Pei.
I personally prefer mutts because they don't have the health problems, inbreeding, and large cost that comes with pure breeds.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #20: April 27, 2010, 04:06:42 AM»
theres been no study that says mutts can't carry the genes from the parents to the puppies. if you have a german shepherd x mastiff puppy, you better believe that it's going to have HD and ED, bloat.
 And all breeds were created from one another, a german shepherd didn't just pop up, careful breeding between several breeds create the german shepherd. And somewhere back in a mutt's line it will be inbred. Somewhere in your lines you were inbred too. But it was so long ago it didn't matter.

now.. the whole "Brother to mum, daughter to dad" thing is pretty fucked up, but no good breeder would do that. which is why people need to stop buying from puppy mills and BYBs. now i'd adopt over those. But if I had money for a show quality dog I would jump on it.

 i agree, anything above $800 is ridiculous for a dog, especially with the economy and shit. I'd rather spend that $800 to have an emergency account for him.
but i'm really paranoid, i always think something bad is going to happen to me, like if i adopt/buy form a byb hes going to get some weird ass disease that will end up costing $2000 in vet bills anyways..
 the only thing that makes me not want to adopt REALLY BADLY is people who attack me for it. My mum tells everyone that i "want a purebred karelian bear dog that costs $1000!!!" and i get attacked by her friends, and by family members for it because i "don't want to save a life". It's not the fact that they're purebred, I'm after a certain temperament and I need a puppy anyways. If i didn't have 4 cats I would adopt an adult dog, but I don't want to get an adult dog that will snap at them then have to return him anyways. I could mold a puppy to accept the cats, and puppies go like hotcakes in shelters anyways so it doesn't really matter to me.
and when people break out the "this many die in shelters every day and look at this commercial DOESNT IT MAKE YOU SAD?!" thing it pisses me off.

 but the whole pound dogs are sickly.. nah. some are, depends what shelter you go to. people just want a reason not to adopt and thats all they can think of because they want a "cute little puppy" that will end up in the shelter a year later anyways.

a dog is a dog is a dog. and thats that. doesn't really matter where it comes from but if you're a good owner and train it then its good in my book.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #21: April 27, 2010, 04:26:16 AM»
i wasn't allowed to adopt because my dog wasn't spayed... at the time she was 9 years old (she's 12 now though not for very much longer...) and they expected us to put her through a highly unnecessary surgery seeing as she was at no risk of getting pregnant.. and also i was adopting a cat..

so i bought a cat from a pet shop. hate me. that cat is the sweetest thing ever..


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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #22: April 27, 2010, 04:32:38 AM»
interspecies erotica

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #23: April 27, 2010, 04:36:42 AM»
any dog older than 7 shouldn't be put under anesthesia, i dont see any problem with owning a unspayed/neutered animal if you can handle them.

if you end up with a cat dog though because your dog wasn't spayed, i want one.
pet store cats are different, they're mostly from people who had an accidental litter, a petstore helped me place a kitten from one of my cats litters and he got a wonderful home.
 i do get sad when i walk into a petstore and theres like 4 little kittens in this giant chinchilla cage hopping around everywhere though. i'd take them home and let them run around if i could.

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Re: Adopting animals or supporting breeders?
«Reply #24: April 27, 2010, 04:45:28 AM»
i wanted to post a picture.

anyways. we adopted our little retard and wouldn't trade him for the world. (he's 11, i think)

i would never buy from a breeder, just because i'd rather adopt an animal.

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