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penny's tradebook.
«: April 17, 2010, 03:40:04 PM»
if i missed you, tell me!
wta = would trade again.
nty =  no thank you, would not trade again.

gabriel / konrad - account
*- overall, good trade. everything went very nice, until i decided to resell the alt they gave me for something i wanted more. they saw my thread and posted some very rude things. calling me an "alt whore" and saying that "the purpose of alt trading was to keep an alt, not to let it float around". um, what? i just wanted something else more.

medusa / albarn  - account
*- i've done a few trades with her, and god is she amazing! she's very funny, generous, nice, all bundled up into one! would def trade again, no problem! watch out though, she's dangerous.

caek - account
*- we traded, my alt caek for her life furling. wonderful girl! hilarious, sexy, nice, etc! would TOTALLY trade again, no questions asked. <3

jordon - can't find account
*- this person is wonderful to trade with. we spoke for a while, and had a few laughs in the process! she gave me her alt beautiful for mine, jordon. after working out how to get our lifers traded to our new alts, we ended everything smoothly! would definitely trade with her again. very nice and sweet. <3
*- traded my alt, helga, for her life flox. it went smooth even though i had trouble switching the art over to her.

angel contrane -  can't find account
*- quick trade. very social. n-n

ricardo - can't find account
*- after bidding 5 gd on an alt of his, i got it after the auction was over. we had a little trouble catching each other online, but after we did, we traded quickly, no excess talk!

aoshii - can't find account
*- nothing else to say but fast and smooth~!

critter - account
*- very sweet! during our trade we talked a bit, and everything went as planned.

cougar - account
*- man do they have a lot of alts! well, i bought one for a port space and everything went nice and quick!

irish - account
*-very nice girl! she's sweet, kind, funny, everything you'd want in an alt trader!

kitten - account
*- i love this girl! she's a sweetheart. she even let go of one of her favorite alts just for me. amazing.

syfy - account
*- i sold ocd to her, quickly and easily. nice gal, funny too!

code/cjnomnom - account
*- they bought two of my alts, alohomora and inertia for 5 gd. pff they whispered me on the alt "bill nye" also, which gave me a good laugh LOL.

hospital - account
*- nice trade, nice girl, overall great! :D
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Re: penny's tradebook.
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added kit. long overdue.

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Re: penny's tradebook.
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could you change boob to syfy? i sold boob, lol.
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