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Jugs on Furc.
«: March 26, 2010, 08:30:10 PM»
Same shit as what Pitt tried to pull. Jugs whispered me, inquiring about my hyooman lifer. They wanted me to gift the hyooman first, and then they could pay. I told them NO WAY. They said, alright. They said they sent the $150 to my paypal, and it would take a day to come through. I'm fine with that and all, but no one gets the lifer till I get the money. Anyway, I had a visitor and was preoccupied for about 20 minutes. All the while, they're screaming SCAMMER at me, threatening to go to a beekin. I tell them I'm not stupid, blah blah and that I would post a warning on FAM about them. They then went on to say "Oh no please don't. I just remembered my PayPal was empty. *SADFACESALLAROUND*"

I don't care if I wasn't scammed, and I don't care if a mod says "It's just a bad trade review. Not counted as a scam LOCKED" cause people need to know that this person is out to fool stupid or ignorant people into giving them the lifer first by crying "I've been scammed heaps, and I don't trust"

Go ahead and lock this for all I care, but seriously... they tried to scam me, just as Pitt had tried.

So be careful when trading to Jugs and Pitt. They'll play the sorry card and try and scare you into giving them the lifer.
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Re: Jugs on Furc.
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hehe... jugs.......
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Re: Jugs on Furc.
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They've whispered me before asking about life items as well as asking random people in AI about what kind of life items they have and if any are for sale.