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Just an itty bitty warning
«: March 23, 2010, 07:52:35 PM»
I was approached by the FAM user Kool Kat yesterday.
They asked if they could buy my stuff.
After a lot of questions, they finally told me what they wanted to buy.
My noble hyooman for life, and a pair of my life tri wings.

She used the excuse "I feel like I'm about to be ripped off"
I basically told them not to give me that shit, that I had about 42 great trade reviews.
They used the alt Pitt to talk to me.
After much debating and more questioning, they finally agreed to pay.

After I gave them my PayPal address, they told me they needed to leave really quick, cause they were tired.

It just seemed a bit dodgy to me, and it's the same shit the last scammer tried to pull.

Just be weary.

EDIT: Caught up with them today. We set up trade, they said they had sent the money, it never showed up on my PayPal, they then turned around and said "Don't worry, I won't buy".

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Re: Just an itty bitty warning
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I fail to see how this is was an attempted scam. It just looks like something that could constitute a bad review. Locked.

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Re: Just an itty bitty warning
«Reply #2: March 23, 2010, 09:21:46 PM»
Hi there! I saw the scam thread and have a few things to add about the user "Kook Kat" on here. Yesterday she approached me asking about my Lifers, and which ones could be traded at once. So I told her, and she seemed interested in the Leonen. She summoned me, and she began the trade, agreeing to pay 25GD for it. In the middle of the trade however, she stopped and said the GD would not transfer. She apparently tried a few times. I offered whispering a Guardian to see if there was a glitch, but she refused, then said she sent the GD. She then suggested me gifting the Leo, to which I refused. I waited and waited... nothing. Still no GD. So then she asked to pay in alts, and I told her I preferred GD. Even though I refused, she started whispering on alts and linking me to her thread here. I refused again, and had to put her on ignore. It seemed like she was trying to get me to accept a trade of gift, and blamed "Glitches, ect" on her not actually having anything. It just seemed really sketchy to me, but I let it go. But when I saw Gorgeous's post, it makes me think that someone really is trying to scam.

THIS, however, is cause for suspicion.

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