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Guardian Harrassment
«: March 21, 2010, 04:30:08 PM»
I had a post on the furc community forums but it was deleted, I haven't the slightest clue as to why. (yeah I do kinda)

I have been in Imaginarium for a while now. I sit there on Tarrence. It's a T+ dream, my ports are acceptable, and so I thought my desc was, the content being nothing above the standard. Out of the blue I receive a whisper from Shy Red.

She became really butt hurt that I posted logs from our one sided conversation on a private map, I have no clue how she knew this but what ever, so I will summarize.

Shy Red: Two images in your desc are inappropriate. (these images being: and In my opinion these are two legit T+ pieces of art.)

Tarrence: I have uploaded ports with the same content rated T+.

Shy Red: those are the rules

Tarrence: Please link me to where it says I cannot have these images in my desc.

She does not answer my question, instead she threatens to boot me in 10seconds if I didn't get rid of the images. I ask her again for the rule. She then boots me. I log back on and before I can click a button to take me to furN, she boots me and suspends me for 15 minutes.

TL;DR: A guardian has booted me twice without hard proof that I was doing anything wrong. I made a thread on the community forum, it was abruptly deleted.

I'll be standing by for DEP to log on, I'd like to have a one on one with them, not that I think it will help. I'd really like to think what the rest of you feel.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #1: March 21, 2010, 04:51:35 PM»
This is probably going to be moved to the compiled DEP thread.

You know what's sad? She's probably going to get away with it without so much as a slap on the hand. I on the other hand, was banned when I posted beekin material. Even though it's well past the 60 day mark, my emails asking when my ban will be lifted continue to go unanswered.

If you choose to bring this to the attention of the heads of DEP, you already have a lot going against your favor. Many DEP members regard this site in a negative light, having the mindset that anybody belonging to this site is a troll. By bringing this topic to FAM, you've already condemned your case so to speak. Still, I would send an email to Felorin.

It's possible that they will address this issue soon by changing their current policy on character descriptions. With the current censorship of portraits, I think if there is a way, they'll find it. In my opinion, those images are tasteful. Especially when you compare it to images found in the descriptions of characters running around in FN.
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #2: March 21, 2010, 05:01:13 PM»
guardians are pretty stupid, i'll admit that. i'm always able to twist their words around after i get someone on my ass about it to make me look like the innocent party especially when the whole "rape" thing being completely the worst thing ever to say in furc and sending out personal info + pics of people irl (you know who i'm talking about) are shoved at me. it's pretty fantastic.


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #3: March 21, 2010, 06:10:58 PM»
The guardians believe that since they have a badge, what they say is absolute law. They can make up rules as they go, and if you say otherwise, they'll boot your ass out of the game before you can make a complaint, especially if you prove them wrong.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are like this, and I know for a fact Shy Red has had several more offenses like this before. I remember a long while back she told a friend of mine he had an ugly port. \: And then she turned her badge on after that..

Also, reporting it will probably do nothing to change (though I would still recommend you do it. Who knows, maybe Shy's on their last straw). But as Wind said, she will likely leave with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, which will result in Furc doing something else no one wants.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #4: March 21, 2010, 06:16:36 PM»
i think i've heard crap about shy red doing lame shit like this before too. hopefully they get in trouble or something since apparently they do it often
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #5: March 21, 2010, 06:42:42 PM»
before idk 2 month ago id never heard of anyone being "booted" from furcadia
FAM's rantings have properly planted a bug up someone's ass i guess

because of that, i doubt your one-on-one will get you anywhere when its your word vs. a guardian's

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #6: March 21, 2010, 06:54:59 PM»
You need to e-mail [email protected]

Shy Red has a power issue. This isn't the first time.

(Though, others are probably right that it won't help. I was suspended from the Furcadia forums for 3 months. On the 3 month anniversary I received an e-mail telling me that my behavior warranted it being made indefinite. I don't know what behavior they could have been referring to since I hadn't posted since I was suspended and all I do on Furcadia is idle. I was up to 15 days idle before I get disconnected.)
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #7: March 21, 2010, 07:48:14 PM»
All guardians seem to have a power issue.


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #8: March 22, 2010, 03:35:19 PM»
All guardians seem to have a power issue.
and some simply have the maturity and mental capacity of a 12 year old.


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #9: March 22, 2010, 03:55:11 PM»
Alys came by the naia circle a while back ago and hung around just because she heard the group there was "trouble". It wasn't too long after that she started ejecting people from the map and threatening to ban the group. She even spent time talking about other people's bans and what not which I'm pretty sure is against the rules if you're a guardian, I could be wrong though.

I guess enough people bitched about her that she doesn't stop by to visit anymore.


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #10: March 22, 2010, 04:01:47 PM»
alys is a fucking tool lol. i got her to be my personal guardian after i made up some bullshit story.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #11: March 22, 2010, 11:52:41 PM»
Yeah. I've kinda made it a weekly ritual to whisper Gar about a problem of some kind. So far he's been more than helpful and a hell of a lot more mature than any other DEP or guardian that I know of on Furc.

I sent in an email to Guardians the day it's happened and haven't heard a thing about it since. The deletion of my thread on their boards tells me that they don't really give a damn.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #12: March 23, 2010, 01:05:28 AM»
I wouldn't be so quick to assume that.  Your thread was more than likely deleted because it would have stirred up the exact sort of trouble they don't want on their boards, which they've made very clear before.  I'm not ass kissing either, but there's still a good chance that Shy got talked to but given the low turn around rate of Guardians, unless it's a serious enough offense, she may not lose her badge.  I am not saying she doesn't deserve to lose it; that sort of harassment should certainly warrant some sort of suspension for her, and especially if there have been several other reported incidents, yes she should lose it.

However, the lack of response isn't surprising.  Very often Cironir will not respond to emails sent to him; he's got a lot on his plate.  If DEP is like other companies, they may not respond at all or if they do, they will respond with a generic form letter response along the lines, "We thank you for the report and we'll be looking into it.  We're sorry this happened, but due to privacy issues, we cannot divulge how the situation is going to be handled."  I'm like you in that I like to know if my message was read, though, so you can always follow it up with a polite inquiry if you don't hear from them soon.  Sometimes things get lost or overlooked.


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #13: March 27, 2010, 09:07:11 AM»
I do find that they are far too quick to ban.

A while back, I bought the dream Ghetto City off of Kristy (Silverdeathwolf's girlfriend I believe?). So for a while, I'd been it's owner. However, I had not known that it had been stolen and passed around, as she hadn't told me this. So after about two months of having the dream, someone expresses interest in buying it for the same price I payed. I decided to sell it to him, I email him the dream, he traded me year bats for it. And it seemed to have gone over smooth.

The next day, I login to furc to see that I've been banned. I then find out it was because the person who bought the dream apparently told a guardian that I hadn't sent it. At the time I had another computer, which hadn't been banned surprisingly. So I go on, and whisper the guardian to try sorting this out and see what happened. And of course, the guardian banned me instantly. So I spent months trying to email the guardians, I even forwarded the email I sent with the attachment of the dream to the guardians as proof. I screens hotted my sent box. Yet the guardian refuses to believe me, despite the evidence.

The 3 month suspension is almost up, so I post on the forums letting everyone know that I'll be back soon. Then Emerald Flame replies to the thread telling me that I was likely to get an extended suspension for posting on the official forums (I had not known that I hadn't be allowed, and was given no warning.) I then get an email from the guardians telling me that "Because I hadn't seemed to of learned my lesson" my ban was extended 3 months. So in total, I was banned for 6 months. I decide to quit trying, since it's obvious nothing will get through to them.

The 6 months is finally up, I get on furcadia. Find the guy who apparently said I didn't send the dream. And he tells me that he never said that, he'd only emailed them saying that he found out the dream was wide-spread and wanted his bats back. I get him to go with me to talk to the guardian, the guardian rereads the email and finds out that he misread the fucking email. Buys me year bats to make up for it. Which is fine, but I much would of preferred an apology. I post on FAM clearing my name, and of course the guardian feels the need to defend their title rather than admitting they were wrong. They change the reason to "Because you lied about nobody else having the dream.", which granted, I had. Kristy hadn't been on in months, so I'd told a fib and said she was banned. Which had been wrong. But the fact is, I hadn't been reported for telling a fib, so they chose to ban me without reasoning.

I believe their exact words were "So instead of reason A, you were banned for reason B" which is stupid. Since after all, they would of had no proof for Reason A in the first place. And the "I didn't learn my lesson" reason wouldn't make sense, as I never even got told the proper reason. Despite all my proof against it, and the non-existent proof to ban me, I never got an apology.

Well, anyways, rant over. Just thought I should share it with you guys. Guardians are dumb shits.
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #14: March 27, 2010, 01:23:33 PM»
And I thought the guardian Procyon was bad. But hearing what Shy Red Does takes the cake....

So far, I trust no other guardian with helping me but Cironir, he's like my personal guardian in ways. Helped me out of shit other guardians caused with their power-molest, which after reporting about before him, all the other fucktarded guardians ignored.
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #15: March 27, 2010, 02:00:57 PM»
Long story short.

An old friend of mine & I did a trade. I gave her life batwings, she gave me a life kitter. Christmas, you know.

Some time later, we had a falling out. I had screenshots & logs of her telling me I could keep the kitter & that she would give the wings back when they were trans for all the trouble she caused. A few weeks of her avoiding it & whatnot until finally she just gives me the alt the wings were on. Again, I made sure to screenshot the whole agreement beforehand.

Lo & behold, she turns around & tells the guardians I stole her alt, wings, & kitter. Despite my many screenshots & logs, despite them admitting everything seemed legit & their records showed the trades & yeah she's probably lying to them.. they threaten ME with a ban. Not to mention a third party who also screenshotted public parts of the trade got threatened for trying to help me out.

Reason: I could have tampered with the screenshots. Wtf? If you don't trust your own screenshot button, why demand screenshots as proof?

& so my batwings & the alt went back to her. But I got to keep the kitter. Ohyay.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #16: March 27, 2010, 05:16:09 PM»
I swear the whole system seems pretty fucking corrupted.

1. blatant abuse of power
2. tendency to jump the gun
3. making up stories/rules to preserve their image
4. the impossibility of trying to reach them through email

All of this ends up creating negative imagery for the guardians who actually do their job correctly.

But seriously. Have you guys tried using the guardian email? It's nearly impossible to get a response from a guardian. My three month ban should have lifted ages ago and my emails continue to go ignored by everybody except cironir it seems. Nobody will even give me the courtesy of giving me the exact date I was banned so I no exactly when it should be lifted. Christ almighty, it's just polite to respond when people are trying to communicate with you.
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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #17: March 27, 2010, 06:45:09 PM»
Long story short, Emerald Flame told me I was getting banned from Naia for 6 months. I said why I didn't break any rules, and told her I knew every rule and was wondering which rule I had broken. She said you broke the rule, we can make up any rule we want. I have the logs to prove it.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #18: April 07, 2010, 07:54:36 PM»
Guardians also tend to stand idly by while REAL problems happen.
God forbid you do something against the standards of a map, you'll get a ban slapped on you so fast you don't even know what happened.
But if you're experiencing constant harassment, having your IRL pics and info passed around and posted all over the place, they seem to turn a blind eye.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #19: April 07, 2010, 08:30:53 PM»
Reading about all of this kind of makes me wish I'd apply to be a guardian and right all the rules done wrong.

(Unfortunately, why do I have the wouldn' out...that way.. XD)


Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #20: April 07, 2010, 09:27:06 PM»
But seriously. Have you guys tried using the guardian email?
i've emailed the guardians, and i've gotten replies quickly, and consecutively. they weren't necessarily mature responses (to whatever i was addressing), but what can you expect. i assume they simply ignore the emails they don't feel like answering and skip to the ones that involve less work; or ones they can make smart remarks to, regardless if it's a "concerned" first party, or not.

the particular situation i was referring to is; a while back i had an alt banned from a few of the main maps due to the old owner getting reported for some ridiculous reason. i emailed the guardians and just minutes after i received an email back threatening a ban if i ask the alt to get unbanned "once more" (that was my first time asking lul). reason being; apparently i posted a derogatory statement on the furcadia forums, which in reality was just me opposing emerald flame's opinion.

tldr; the guardians can respond quickly if they decide to.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #21: June 06, 2010, 08:43:23 PM»
However, the lack of response isn't surprising.  Very often Cironir will not respond to emails sent to him; he's got a lot on his plate.  If DEP is like other companies, they may not respond at all or if they do, they will respond with a generic form letter response along the lines, "We thank you for the report and we'll be looking into it.  We're sorry this happened, but due to privacy issues, we cannot divulge how the situation is going to be handled."  I'm like you in that I like to know if my message was read, though, so you can always follow it up with a polite inquiry if you don't hear from them soon.  Sometimes things get lost or overlooked.

most companies that do that, however, are MUCH larger than DEP, and chances are they've got more than enough players and losing a few hundred because they're butthurt over something that happened with so-and-so won't affect them.

furc cannot afford to lose players. they're struggling as is. right now, they need to be personable when resolving issues. i'm lucky enough to say that the times i've needed problems cleared up, they've helped me. unfortunately, that's because i don't have issues with the guardians. if furc just sent out an automated e-mail, and never helped /anyone/ with problems (especially if those problems revolved around people who they have essentially employed to represent themselves in-game) then they're going to start losing people. nobody wants to play a game that is unfair to its players.

honestly, i HOPE that masses of furcadia players start quitting. then either 1. furc will bomb or 2. DEP will see what they need to do, learn how to run a business and satisfy the people they rely on to give them their paychecks. i root for 2, but if DEP refuses to get their heads outta their asses, it's probably for the best.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #22: June 06, 2010, 08:47:34 PM»
I am in complete agreement with everything you said, Julie. Like you, my experience has almost always been I receive a response, but that could be based on the polite attitude of my email. I think maybe one time I never got a response, but when I sent a follow up email, I received one back (I believe from Cironir) saying they looked up the former email, had read it, but forgot to send a response. They answered my original email right there too.

I wouldn't have a doubt in my mind that most of the people who contact the Guardians are probably really flippant, disagreeable, and just down right nasty. I wouldn't want to associate with them on a personal level, but on a business level, yes, it needs to be handled. A lack of communication is, indeed, poor communication and bad for the image of a business that is already faltering.

Edit: I missed an 'e' in your name there.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #23: June 06, 2010, 11:50:28 PM»
I agree with Harley in that, several of the e-mails sent to the guardians are more than likely unnecessarily nasty. If you look at it this way, that the majority of the players, or at least a decent sized chunk of them are teenagers and some even less than that, I'm not surprised. Most of these people aren't capable of producing a question without resorting to hostility, capslock, vulgarity or a mixture of those three. If I ran a business, I wouldn't look favorably upon complaints like that either.

If they are in fact ignoring calm and sincere questions from mature players then there's a problem, especially when (as others have said before) they aren't doing so hot financially. They could use every paying player they can get.

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Re: Guardian Harrassment
«Reply #24: June 07, 2010, 01:14:09 AM»
Reading about all of this kind of makes me wish I'd apply to be a guardian and right all the rules done wrong.

(Unfortunately, why do I have the wouldn' out...that way.. XD)

hahaha, i've applied to be a /helper/, answered all the questions beautifully (i'm not just tooting my own horn, i KNOW those answers were above and beyond what they usually get) and all FOUR times i applied, i was denied. gl getting into that fucked-up system if you've got half a brain and common sense.

my friend got into the beekin helpers. bless her heart, i love her, but after knowing her for over 12 years IRL i know that she's very judgemental at times, tends to jump the gun and feels very self-righteous when given any amount of power and gets offended easily when she cannot gauge someone's intended meaning through text (basically, when she can't see someone's face and hear their voice when she's talking to them). granted, she has changed and matured since she was accepted (not to mention she no longer plays furc) but if furc finds people like her old, premature self acceptable to be their help desk, what kind of people do they accept for their guardian program?