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In-Depth Talk Rules - Updated 5/24/12
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In-Depth Talk
  • This forum is for intelligent debate.
  • Flaming will not be tolerated.
  • Topics and replies need to be well thought and relevant.
  • Repeated topics will be locked or deleted.
        i.   This means thread necromancy is OKAY in this section, as long as you're adding an INTELLIGENT POST to the topic.

What constitutes intelligent topics?

Threads should be constructed to facilitate complicated, multi-faceted discussion. They should be kept as specific as possible to avoid tailing off and to provide for replies relating to what you want to discuss. The OP should also include details about what it is they want to discuss,

Examples of things that do NOT belong here include:

"What do you think of this?"
"Name my puppy!"
"Share your experiences!"


If you're unclear whether or not a topic you want to post belongs here or in FAMafia, PM me and I will direct you.
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