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The Rules of Conduct. YOU MUST READ.
«: March 06, 2010, 09:28:13 PM»
Rules of Conduct
  • This forum is for reviewing the trade experiences you have with other Furcadia users on and off FAM.
    a.   It is not for badmouthing, arguing, or anything similar.
  • Your review list is not to be sorted by means of "Good/Bad".
    a.   Please keep your list sorted in either alphabetical order, or in the order of which your trading experience happens.
  • Things that include good/bad sorting:
    a.   Use of symbols (Example: - Name and + Name .. </3 and <3 .. ect.)
    b.   Use of colors.
    c.   Specific arrangement of reviews. (Example: All good trades kept at the top of the list and all bad trades kept at the bottom.)
  • When reviewing a trade(r), be sure to cover both ends of the spectrum: The good, and the bad. If the trade situation was honestly that bad that you have nothing good to say about it, be mature.
    a.   Petty immaturity will be edited out of your post on sight and without notification.
    b.   If you continue on this vendetta you risk anything from having your posting ability taken away to banishment from the site for an indefinite period of time.