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General Rules *~UPDATED 08/21/2014~*
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Community Conduct:
  • Each member will read and understand any rules that apply not only to the whole site, but to each specific forum as well.
    a.   It is your responsibility to be aware of the site’s rules, not ours.
  • Each member may have one active account at a time.
    a.   You must seek staff approval for a secondary account.
    b.   All secondary accounts will be locked or deleted otherwise.
  • No member will aid in the access of FAM for a banned member.
    a.   This is considered ban dodging.
    b.   This means you will not post for them, sell for them, or list their alts.
    c.   If you are found to be doing so, you risk being banned or suspended.
  • No member will post a duplicate alt on their list. (IE: Altname*, Altname., Altname - mine).
    a.    If your alt is already listed, you can take steps to have the alt removed.
    b.   Continuing to post alts incorrectly will be risking suspension.
  • No member shall attempt to scam another member in any kind of way.
    a.   Anyone found guilty of scamming will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.
    b.     "Scamming" includes but is not limited to not delivering goods or payment, taking an alt back for failure to change an email, and adding an extra fee onto transactions for paypal.
  • No member is allowed to advertise their alts or digos on Furcadia.
    a.     To clarify, advertising in descriptions is fine as it is unobtrusive. Advertising by spamming chat is not.
            i.     If a user has asked for a link to your list, it is okay to reply with it.
  • Any member who has a problem with another member on the forum is to use the site’s built in Report Feature, rather than attempt to handle it themselves.
    a.   It is also highly recommended that you take advantage of the site’s ignore user feature.
    b.   If you feel that your report is not being evaluated quickly, you may contact a staff member through other means to have your problem looked into and resolved.
  • Harassment of other users on this site will not be tolerated.
    a.   Anyone caught consistently harassing another user of the site will be suspended and/or banned.
  • Every member is to obey the word of all Admin or Global Moderators.
    a.   Failure to comply with this rule will risk banishment from the site indefinitely.
  • No member will do anything to intentionally disrupt the use of the site by another member.
  • No member shall be allowed to post art sales here, but instead keeping them to our sister site, FAZ.
  • Public black listing is prohibited, and counts as a form of harassment.
    a. If you feel the need to review somebody, please make use of our review system on the user's profile.
         i.    Falsified reviews or reviews meant as a form of revenge are prohibited.
  • Users should not change their display name excessively.
    a. A moderator will give a warning if we feel a display name is being changed too much. Disregarding this warning will cause the user to lose the rights to alter their account settings in any way.

Content posting – Posts (Text and Images)
  • No pornography.
  • No overly gory images. If it is necessary, it should be behind a link with a warning.
  • The staff can decide at any time that content posted is inappropriate, and remove it.
  • Failure to comply with the staff’s decision on any content that has been deemed inappropriate will risk posting privileges being removed and/or suspension.
  • Do not post in old threads. - This practice is often called "thread necromancy" and will not be tolerated on the site.
    a. The exception being if it's an old thread that is still active. Check the post date on the last post that belongs to the person who created the original post for the thread. If the last post was a month or more ago, don't post.
       i.   The exception is for our non trade-related section, to prevent multiple threads from being made. See the sections for specific rules.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, you can contact a Staff member at any time.

These guidelines may change at any time.
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Re: General Rules
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General Rules on Alt Trading
  • FAM does not condone the practice of using the threat of taking an alt back because the buyer did not change the password and/or email of the alt that was purchased.
    a.   This is considered borderline scamming.
    b.   This rule is to be taken as the only warning you’ll receive. If you are caught breaking this rule your thread will be locked and you risk suspension.
  • FAM is not responsible for any transactions or the consequences of said transactions that have taken place on the site.
  • Please be aware that using the gift feature while proceeding with your method of payment is never wise unless what you’re offering is indeed a gift.
    a.   Paypal charges a small fee when you send money to another user. Using the gift feature to get around the fee is not recommended since there is no way to recover your money if the other member of the transaction does not follow through.
           i.   If you can’t afford the small fee that paypal charges, you should reconsider using paypal as a method of taking payment.
    b.   The same thing is recommended for Furcadia’s gift feature as well. While furcadia does not charge a fee for trades there still seems to be a trend of gifting items during an exchange of some sort.
           i.   It is harder and may not even be possible to recover a gifted item on furcadia if a trade does not go smoothly.

For any questions please refer to the following threads:
NEW RULE: On "change the email or i take my alt back!!!
At risk of banning.. Ad posting unsupported!
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