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Pet Nutrition
«: March 06, 2010, 01:04:48 PM»
Alright, i'm sure no one really cares about it as much as i do. but i was just curious if anyone else understands.

 But when it comes to feeding your pet, do you really care what you feed them?
I've gotten in arguments with my family over my(our?) cats health, and they honestly do not get it or do not care.
 For example; my dad insists on feeding his akitas purina. He says they are the /best/ brand of dog food but will refuse to look on the label and accept that hes basically feeding his dogs corn shells, salt, and food coloring. He thinks all dogs smell like yeast, have ear problems, skin problems, and dull fur (maybe because they all feed purina?). He also doesn't think dogs are carnivores, and that they are omnivores, when dogs (and cats) cannot process grains.
 Now, a 15lb bag of purina is about $40-ish, and lets say has 250 calories a cup.
While a 15lb bag of Taste of the Wild is $22 and about 400 calories a cup.
 Alright, first 5 ingredients of Purina Beneful:
Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E)

 First 5 ingredients of TOTW Pacific Stream:
Salmon, ocean fish meal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, canola oil

 Does anything from Purina look.. nice to eat? Would you like to eat the by-product of a chicken (tumors, eyes, feathers, feet)? Or would you like some salmon? Do you think eating a cup full a feathers will make you fuller, or a cup full of sweet potatoes?
 So after establishing that TOTW is an overall better food and cheaper than Purina, lets get to the good part.
 Dogs are set on a calorie diet, too. Now they don't worry over it as much as humans do, they lack having as many emotions as we do. Now I'm sure they wouldn't mind running around and burning off calories, but they aren't doing it because they want to lose weight or know that they are, they're doing it because it is fun.
 So, lets say that Purina is french fries from mcdonalds, and TOTW is a buffet of hormone-free steak, salads, and apples.
 Who would honestly get full off of a thing of french fries from mcdonalds? It's basically a greasy potato with a shitton of salt. If everything was stripped from the french fries and it was just the potato, its nutritional value would probably only be about 100 - 150 calories. So you've got about 100 empty calories in purina.
 Now my dad's dogs eat 4 cups twice a day. Thats 8 cups of food, at 250 calories. 2000 calories each.
 With TOTW they would atmost eat 3 cups a day. That itself is 1200 calories. The fact that they eat less on it isn't just because its 150 calories more a cup, but because it makes them feel fuller and has more nutritional value.

 Though, then you have to think, dogs don't get energy from calories and carbs like we do, they get it from fat.
Well, meat naturally has fat, and is included. But since Purina lacks meat content, they just use preserved animal fat.

Purina Fat content:
Crude Fat (Min) 10.0%

TOTW Fat content:
Crude Fat 15.0% Minimum

Not only could they survive on less food, but they will thrive on less food.

Now my dad doesn't live with me so I can't point out all of the problems I see with his dogs, they just look sick over all, like they're about to drop dead.
 I'm sure no one has really put much thought into this unless they're going to be an animal nutritionist or a vet. But I'd just like to see some views.
I didn't use my cats as en example because i also think how they're fed is a big part of their problems. They're literally fed steak, ham, tuna, anything in the cupboard on a daily basis which i do not agree with. But my dad's dogs aren't exposed to that (If I give them a few homemade dog treats he will feed them a cup or two less) so they're a better subject.

do you not care what your pet eats and think food is food, or do you care what goes in their mouth?

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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #1: March 06, 2010, 07:53:05 PM»
I absolutely care what my dog eats.  My parent(s) wont allow me to do it for their animals unfortunately, but I take my own baby to a canine nutritionist and find out what's best for him within our financial means.
 He's a young german shepherd so I absolutely want him to be at his best. I would never want to give him anything that would take away from his liveliness and general health. 
 I may occasionally drop something while I'm cooking but thats the ONLY time he manages to get any "human food" that he shouldn't.  All he gets aside from his diet is treats for training and the very occasional rawhide stick.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #2: March 06, 2010, 08:13:59 PM»
I have a cat. She gets wet food on Sundays and dry food on the other days. In complete honesty, the brand of food I give her makes no difference to me. I buy what I can afford. I don't allow her to eat any 'human food', and if she ever ends up getting ahold of some, she's damn lucky.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #3: March 07, 2010, 02:08:27 AM»
i originally didn't care about what my dogs ate until i got my own puppy. i couldn't feed him much without some diarrhea problem (puppy chow was okay, pedigree and iams didn't go over so well though). i now feed my puppy wellness (only "high grade" food i can purchase here) and despite it's price, he's been doing a lot better. my partners also switched our other two dogs to wellness and i think it's made a difference.

i don't let my puppy have any human food period. it really upsets his stomach. my mom still feeds our other two dogs little snippets and i don't approve at all. my brother and sister have joined in the snapping at her for it; i hopeee she'll stop soon.

i find this site helpful.


Re: Pet Nutrition
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... i might be the only one who almost doesn't give a shit about what my dog eats. i got her from the pound and before that she was living off all kinds of really gross shit. so fuck you.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #5: March 07, 2010, 01:55:55 PM»
well i know money is tight for everyone, so the food you can afford is better than none. but i still think spending a few dollars more (or less) on food that will last you longer and better health over all is good.

 yeah, pounds do feed gross food like hills science diet because they get it for free. and i'm sure name brand store food is better than it.
but feeding your dog/cat/whatever anything, like chips and seasoned meat isn't really.. good.

 Wellness is a good food sana. their prices are going sky high now though, but seeing that you know about dfa it looks like you could find a good cheap food. now if only my mum was like you lmfao. she thinks that my cats have a ~~boring~~ life without something else.
 when i move i'm going to have control over what all of the cats and dogs eat. so they won't be terrorized by my mum anymore. but it's still wrong how people try to feed their animals everything. this one lady down the street fed her dog (it was like a weiner dog i think) macaroni and cheese, pasta, everything. her dog god obese and had fat rolls around its damn tail. it pee'd all over itself and developed diabetes and died at the age of 5.
 now if the feeding was within reason.. like a little cube of cheese a few times a week is alright with me. But i wouldn't let my pets eat anything thats super unhealthy (if i had control over it that is).

well, i believe there are some brands to stay away from. or atleast some ingredients. but like i said, food is better than none.
i'm kinda glad, i was thinking everyone was going to say they toss their cats cheetos and shit all the time.

i know what you mean. and especially since hes a shepherd a good food will keep HD at bay.
 idk why parents just think food = food and won't let other help. but, i guess thats their problem. but i want to think you for taking him to a nutritionist, because i dont honestly think i would do that unless he had horrible allergies and skin problems..


Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #6: March 07, 2010, 04:04:59 PM»
i.. never said i fed my dog that, did i.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #7: March 08, 2010, 05:30:20 PM»
we feed our dogs whatever kind of dog food we decide to get and they seem pretty content, same goes for my cat.  i may not be able to see my face in my pet's fur coats but they are as playful and healthy as the next dog/cat lol.
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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #8: March 09, 2010, 02:57:29 AM»
my cat honestly doesn't care what he eats, so long as the kibble is shaped like triangles.

if they're not triangles, he won't eat it.


Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #9: March 09, 2010, 11:24:49 AM»
We have a dog and we give him a scoop of dry food, half a can of wet food, and half a can of green beans twice a day.  Our cats gets 2 1/3 servings of catfood a day. But generally, we just buy friskies or alpo, nothing fancy.

My mom's cats have dry food sitting down for them to eat.


Re: Pet Nutrition
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i feed my dog some ridiculously expensive wet food because that is all she will touch, aside from all the treats and leftovers she gets

my dog is basically a glorified garbage can

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Re: Pet Nutrition
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i feed my dog some ridiculously expensive wet food because that is all she will touch, aside from all the treats and leftovers she gets

my dog is basically a glorified garbage can

same with mine, except it's ridiculously expensive dry food that can only be found in one store in the entire town. and she also cleans the floor when we drop any food too, so she doubles as a vacuum.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
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holy shit canola oil
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Re: Pet Nutrition
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Re: Pet Nutrition
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Can I ask where you get that Science Diet is bad dog food? It's far better than many of the other brands on the market and comes recommended by most of my local vets. The only other recommended food is Royal Canin.

While yes, it is far better to measure out fresh foods for your dog, it isn't neccessary if they are just going to be house pets. As long as you only allow them to eat in moderation.
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Re: Pet Nutrition
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links, facts, moar plz.
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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #16: March 10, 2010, 07:37:19 AM»
well, i believe there are some brands to stay away from. or atleast some ingredients. but like i said, food is better than none.

I haven't found a brand that she doesn't like/won't eat. There may be some ingredients to stay away from, but I haven't found them yet. She gets yearly shots and treatments and according to my vet, she's a perfectly healthy and in-shape fourteen year old cat, and whatever I'm feeding her is fine.
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Re: Pet Nutrition
«Reply #17: March 10, 2010, 12:24:24 PM»
My dog eats Purina dog chow and he loves it. We use to feed my old dog kibble and bits. The vet says he's healthy. He does sneak a few scraps of people food, when we're not looking. As long as he likes the food and he's healthy, then I'm content with giving it to him.

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Re: Pet Nutrition
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dogs can process grain actually, cats can't.