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garbage pail kids.
«: February 07, 2010, 08:23:48 AM»
i'm interested in selling some of my over 150 garbage pail kids trading cards, but i was wondering. has anyone here even heard of them? and if so, would anyone even be interested in buying any? they're old, from the 80's, and they used to be quite popular when they were released, 85-88. they were a remake of cabbage patch kids. since girls had cabbage patch kids, topps inc. thought, hey, let's make the boys their own version of cabbage patch kids, and they made garbage pail kids.

so basically. would anyone even be interested in buying some? if so, i'll make a topic right away to start selling them.

here's some more info:
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Re: garbage pail kids.
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Honestly, I think you'd be better off selling them on Ebay.