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noms trade evals
«: January 31, 2010, 10:51:12 AM»
Ok alot of these people i fucking <3

Parka - Sold an alt to them awesome person sweet trader everything has gone well - Let me borrow GD from them and I have been paying it back she is understanding sweet etc

Crawl - Traded an alt to them for another alt - all went smooth

Unoma - Nicest person ever very sweet known her for a while Ive shared alts with her currently do - never had a problem

Niffy - Sold Czech to her very smooth got the gd right away <3

Tala - Was going to buy a life furling off her for 20 I had the money sent to her paypal not knowing she had sold it etcetc (i did talk to her whatnot about it) well Since i dont have paypal she bought me gd with it and made up the rest with a space very nice understanding person

Casey - omfg Casey is wonderful - Her art is like an eyegasm always does good work and gets the art done in a good amount of time

Ruke - Sold Mongrel to them for Temper went smooth very nice person

Carnal - Traded Toker to her good friend very smooth trader

Hill - Have done a few trades with her, she is easy to talk to willing to work out deals



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Re: noms trade evals
«Reply #1: January 31, 2010, 11:28:27 AM»
AWEEEE thanks so much for that ;; i wouldnt call my art Eyegasms tho... that sounds painful... LMFAO T___T

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Re: noms trade evals
«Reply #2: January 31, 2010, 12:38:47 PM»
Awww look you said something nice about me <:

You know I like sharing alts with you