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Hoot/Alexandra/Blitzwing Digo Ordeal
«: December 31, 2009, 05:12:45 PM»
Alright. From what I've seen, this silly ordeal already decided to go around on how I've been supposedly 'hacking Alexandra's lifers', I'm here to clarify it all, giving as I've been harassed quite a bit today and I'd like to at least extend my side of the story - which isn't even practically my side, haha.

Anyhow, Alexandra private messaged me telling me that I had until the end of February to either return 2 lifers, a pair of life batwings and a life wolven, to the alt Blitzwing(Kelsey's character) or give her $150 dollars to buy those digos back on the alt.
I responded saying that Kelsey had given me permission to sell the lifers, because I needed money and she had gotten off furcadia.
Alex responded stating that there were 'two different stories' apparently. I simply responded restating the same thing I did, but in a mere sentence. She responded by saying that she was 'going to have a talk to Kelsey about her lying' and I told her to 'do that'.

Screen shots of the PMs: and  (If this isn't allowed, then inform me, please.)

Well, I was a little confused considering Kelsey had given me permission to sell these lifers, and so I sent her a text after attempting to call her, and once she received the text, she called me back asking what's up. Well, I told her everything that was going on, and she stated that she had been a little angry with me for doing it, but she said it was for a legitimate reason that they were sold, and that she didn't play furc anymore, so it didn't bother her. But at the same time, she explained that it was out of proportion for Alex to even do this, because Kelsey doesn't even get on Furcadia so she didn't even know why Alex was taking it upon herself to get these digos back for her, when she didn't even use the game anymore to begin with.

In the end, Kelsey goes and changes Blitzwing's password, and she helped me construct a last private message to her, which had been this:

Alright. Well we've come to a little deal. I've talked to Kelsey, and I'm giving HER her stuff back directly, to HER character Blitzwing, as the lifers were HERS giving the fact that you gifted them to her. She also changed her password because she doesn't want to deal with bull shit anymore. And if you feel so compelled to try anything, then I'll just get written permission from her. Thank you! :-)

Well, that was the end of that, or at least I thought.
Later on in the day I received some whispers from people, and according to someone I know, it was going around that I hacked Alex's lifers off of her, and was harassing her. (And this is ironic too. Because clearly in the pms, it was stated that she wanted to retrieve the lifers back for Kelsey, but everyone had been stating that I 'hacked Alexandra's lifers' and that I 'stole these items from her.' So obviously someone was going around saying some things that were, in fact, very false.)

(We have had our disputes. We've argued, and it's lead to some harmful things said to each other, but we were both in the wrong, and we both participated in these acts, so please don't bring such up in this thread.)

Anyhow, this is all wrong. I did not hack Alex's lifers. The lifers weren't hers. She had GIFTED (Keyword: GIFTED) them to Kelsey, and Kelsey had allowed me to use them to obtain money for a cause in real life.

I will TRY to get Kelsey to post on here too. She disagrees with the mere fact that Alex even messaged me about it. But she's busy, and like she even told me to put on the last message I sent to Alex, she doesn't really care for all of the drama anymore (hence why she changed Blitz' password). But I will try my best when she's on to get her to post, as she has already said that when she gets on, she's going to provide me with written permission of these lifers in case Alexandra had so decided to take me to a guardian.

I don't want anyone harassing her about this. This is just out there to clear some air.

Written Permission I accquired through AIM too:
"LessThanK1nd: HURRY OMG
insanitysbest: give me your written permission
insanitysbest: i want to put that on the thread...
LessThanK1nd: I give Hoot permission and authority with everything she sI I gsfsdfhjsfj
LessThanK1nd: IJfsdkljf"

yea she was getting sick at the time but I guess it works LOL
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Unless you have something to add to the situation, there's no need to post.

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