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I am absolutely positive my alt has been stolen. The password has been changed and he was seen logging in and out on Saturday and I certainly did not log on on him then. At this point I really want him back because i've invested quite a bit of money on him with lifers and ports and what not. I'm contacting the guardians as we speak.

I do have a lead, as the only person that knows my password is the one who I gave Ameliana Bourjae too, as their password was the same (stupidstupidstupid)

They are known as Preceded on FAM and they also whispered me on the alt Hoon, Ignain, and Ameliana Bourjae. They also sold the alt Wedding to someone about a week ago, so if anyone has any information on this person, please contact me via Divorce or post here, PM or something...I really want him back x.x;

Edit; She also has Bakuraa

So things they're known under

Ameliana Bourjae
Preceded (FAM)
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Re: Stolen Alt: Sacheck Emanthut
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Preceded posted on my thread, asking for Shaggy.

but uhm. if my memory serves me, they were selling an alt with a life catten and life foxen, with long transfer waits. it seems they sold the alt, 2pac and tried using the GD to buy another alt.

i couldn't find the posts, but i'm sure they wanted 3 spaces for the alt with a life catten AND foxen.

seemed fishy. if you had a life catten and foxen, they're probably on 2pac right now.

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Re: Stolen Alt: Sacheck Emanthut
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Well I got him back just now but a NUMBER of my lifers are gone including my gryffe, foxen, and tygard and catten. Pretty much everything that was trans x.x I'll try to whisper this 2pac person
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I just PM'd him/her and not two seconds later the name turned to "Guest" so it seems like they deleted their account...proof of a guilty party to me >.>


there's nothing they can do, anyhow. deleting their acct here on FAM won't do a thing.
cironir can track all their alts and their ip address, so at this point i'd just let him handle the rest.

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Hai, I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard ya know ;-; that's a good deal of stuff they stole

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At least you have this.


Things are looking up.

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The user 2pac contacted me on the 28th about an alt, saying they were Preceded on FAM and wished to purchase the alt using a foxen for life; then moments later told me the foxen had a wait limit of 60 days. I was almost considering paying for the transfer and now I'm thankful that I didn't.

Hoon has done successfully trading with my friend in the past that went without a hitch, I can't fathom why she'd suddenly resort to theft.

Obviously the lesson to be learned is one you should have already known; always change an alt's password before selling, trading, or giving it away.

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The 28th is when he was stolen. I have pounce logs from a friend that saw Sach logging in and off and I didn't even get online on Satuday.

At the moment 2pac is logging on and off so whispering them is going nowhere save for filling up their window with a load of offline messages xD

But yes, I have no clue why she would do it when I GAVE her an alt out of the kindness of my heart and she seemed to be very nice and appreciative about it but yeah, lesson definately frickin learned.

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Someone here on FAM bought 2pac+the two lifers.. I THINK it was Kozi but I might be wrong. The thread about it is gone (I assume deleted), but I'm pretty sure it was her.
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i was involved in this as well, and had a feeling i was when i saw the items in question and that the two items missing from the bundle were ones that i had recently bought.
i bought the tygard and the gryffe and was rather suspicious.
thankfully, they requested several times for me to send as a gift, and i bluntly refused. when they allowed me to send regularly, i agreed.

long story short, the items have been returned, and my money is in the process of being backcharged for non-receipt.

the person in question is having actions taken against them, i'm sure, as i have all of their information right here via paypal (someone wasn't too bright, lol)

the alt that the items were on was Health when i bought them, and i have her real life name and email, but even with her being a scammer i don't really feel right posting them out in the open.

far as i can see, this is case-closed.

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Lovely. I love you all x.x Cir emailed be today and asked how they got my password and whatnot. Sacheck has been frozen for the time being while it's being taken care of. Thank you for all your hard work guys. I really do appreciate it.

I can't believe she had the balls to try to sell my lifers on the alt I gave her...What kinda shi-....People are so horrible.
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The items have been returned to me x3 This thread can be locked now. Thank you all SO much for everything and I do apologize for causing all the trouble from one stupid mistake.