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If I forgot you, let me know!

Neo Trades:
     -Bakuda: traded 6 GD for 430k NP.
     -Crepe: traded $13 for a Draik.
     -Did: traded 5 GD for 375k NP.
     -Unpopular x2: traded 3 GD and $16 PP for 1.2m NP.
                           traded $7 for ~530k and 2 PBs.

Digo Trades:
     -Clarie: sold Noble Feline for 9 GD.
     -Juliet: bought life classics for 40 GD.
     -Starlit Moon: bought 2 port spaces for 10 GD. she also threw in a candy cane.  :-*
     -Vocalist: sold port space for 5 GD.

Alt Trades:
     -Dagger: bought Viola for 10 GD.
     -Meli/Topaz: sold Loo for 20 GD + a portrait.

     -Faeliteas: Commissioned a beautiful portrait for Jendayi for 4 GD.
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2) Your review list is NOT to be sorted by means of "Good/Bad". Please keep your list sorted in either alphabetical order, or in the order of which your trading experience happens.

Things that include good/bad sorting:
- Use of symbols (Example: - Name and + Name .. </3 and <3 .. ect.)
- Use of colors. (Name did a bad trade. Name did a good trade.
- Specific arrangement of reviews. (Example: All GOOD trades kept at the top of the list and all BAD trades kept at the bottom.)[/quote[

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Sorry, updated. :)
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