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i see what you did
«: October 25, 2009, 01:14:51 AM»
hi, i'm probably missing a ton of people so you can punch me if i forgot you.


admiral: did a port for Nicolai, go commission her now.
ixie: go commission her right now. she did a lovely port for my alt Nicolai.
bonnie: fabulous arts, wonderful to work with. did a port for Nicolai
stephie: did a freebie port for Nicolai which was positively adorable.
kelly: also did a freebie port for Nicolai which was pretty kickass.
theme: did a freebie port for Aubin, lovely arts


bri: gave me a life owl, i love her.
kelly: sold me a month unicorn for 1 gd
trevor: bought my noble for 15 GD, very patient trader. :3
macaw: sold me 3 spaces for 15 GD


steph: traded me Celebrate for Bryant

beyonce: bought Celebrate for 20 GD

mauser: sold me Magikarp for 2 spaces

gage: bought Magikarp for 2 spaces, slow on my half lol

orange: traded me Aubin for Scarab

ramon: i traded around 2mil gaia gold for Seaking and MP3, trust worthy trader.

cassie: sold me Junebug for 15 GD and was patient while I got the GD

???: i traded them Byz and classic wings for Bryant

sweety: i traded them my old gaia account for spaces and classic wings

pancake: i remember she bought a house alt from me for 10 bucks

steph: traded them the alt Fleas for Nursery

spank: traded them the alt Kronic for Fleas and {rozac. she also drew the ref for Shaggy.

lindsey: traded them the alt Prozac for Mullet

toria: bought Cletus from her for 15 GD and bought Shaggy for 10 GD and a space

tawnie: traded them Cletus for Rickey and Freund

???: traded them Freund for Tubi, unknown to me that the alt was ported with a freebie port.

hamlet: sold me L Lawliet for a portspace

shelley: whispered me saying they wanted to buy Kristein for an expiring leonen. i agreed, we started the traded, and she backed out. not recommended.

old owner of kronic: traded me the alt kronic for the alt zom

eve: traded them seaking and smosh for affair. wonderful to trade with. :B

fai: traded them Marcelo for a year phoenix. trust worthy!

rouxfie: traded them Sardine for a year noble. pleasure to deal with. (:

gaga: traded them Junebug for Dent omg i love this alt. pleasant dealer.

spazork: traded them MP3 for a year noble feline. quick easy trade.

tell me if i forgot you, k ty.

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i love you too omg
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