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Am I being Scammed?
«: October 11, 2009, 10:21:37 PM»
Speaking for my friend Ex here is his inquiry.

Well, the artist in question is 'Fear' on Furcadia, but as staff on this site, his name is 'Wes'.  The first of September was the day the commission started.  He was supposedly closed, but we worked out a payment and he assured me he could handle it.  A few days later, he showed interest in my Life Gryffe that I was selling, so I had him pay me the difference with the art as payment and set that as the trade-reason, that the art wasn't done yet. 

Within a few days, I had a rough drawing, but then at that point, he abruptly stopped.  He had some 'irl' issues, which was fine, but when I questioned him about it to set a date and suggested it may take a month, he assured me it wouldn't take near that long.  By this time, it had been about a week.  And the initial time-frame set by him was supposed to be a few days.  After his girlfriend got semi-involved and assured me I wasn't getting scammed and promised I'd get my art, I was somewhat content, but as things didn't change, I questioned her more and more until he came to me with the cropped version of portrait with a missing marking, which made it seem rushed. 

That was about September 14th.  Currently, it's the 11th of October, and I haven't heard from him since.  So, so far, it's taken a month and eleven days, and I'm not getting anything.  I've whispered him, and he ignores it when it's obvious he's there.  I've whispered when he initially gets on to make sure I catch him.  Also left him some offline message.  All ignored, obviously.  Needless to say, I feel a bit scammed, seeing as I had to resort to having a friend of mine post on FAM.

 I've been on the character 'Ex' prior to getting it, so he can easily contact me there and he knows it.  I was told staff of FAM doesn't scam due to losing status, and I hope he isn't an exception.  I was told he was a good, trustworthy guy, but now I worry. 

No flaming please.  This isn't slander, all fact, and I'm sure he'll confirm if telling the truth.  Hopefully he'll get back to me and get me my portrait so this can be deleted.  Thank you for reading.  <3  Ex.
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Re: Am I being Scammed?
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#1 you could have talked to me, bro, rather than gettin all butthurt and posing here. how many people does it take to tell you im good on my word again? its been done for some time but i haven't had the chance to get in contact with anyone, and its not my top priority atm. and also, i haven't seen ANY of the shit you're claiming to have sent me. no offline messages, nothing.
and if you were so sure i'd respond on FAM, how about a PM? or since you know my DA pretty clearly, howabout sending me a note there like 'oh hey can you send port here, plz?"
nope. gotta make a huge bitchfest amirite?

#2 this is FAM, not FAZ. take your art alert shit there, plx.

#3 the last WIP i showed you it was p. much done. how the fuck do you figure i'm scamming you if the damn thing was nearly done the last i showed you? thats p. hilarious, bro. #SR

#4 we don't delete threads, but we lock them. which i'm doing now because of rule #2. l2read rules, plz and ty.

#5 oh and bee? i have logs of Ex saying he had been banned for some reason from this site. if this is the case and that's why he's not posting here himself, then it's common knowledge that posting for a banned member = against the rules. don't do it.
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