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Announcement spam?
«: October 03, 2009, 11:06:03 AM»
No, not complaining about DEP.
Anybody in furc can see right now that there are a lot of what I assume are alt names, passwords, and emails being given out right now via the news channel.

Any idea what's going on?

Drake Steel: If he's in the system, he's routing everybody who changes their password to him. As long as you don't mess with your account, you're safe.
HERPES: what drake steel says
Skeeve: This is f-ed up.
Fellicia nods
HERPES: if you change ur p/w ur &$!?ed up even more
Rhym: I changed my passoword before :/
Drake Steel: Did you change it before or after this?
Fellicia: I havent changed it at all
Drake Steel: If you changed it after he started in, you're probably in a spot. If you changed it before today, you're probably safe.
Envy: ATTENTION FURC PLAYERS! If you are here about the news announcements! DO NOT FREAK  OUT! Everythign is being worked on by the staff!

Craft: Sanne: We advise everyone to change passwords for Paypal, Email and other important login information if they are similar to your Furcadia password. Your alts will be safe, DEP has backups and can track where they go. Do not change your Furcadia password. :-) 

Just some announcements from Naia. Not there anymore, so that's all I've got.

No clue if Drake Steel is a staff member either.
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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #1: October 03, 2009, 11:07:44 AM»
Its a supposed hacker. Theyre posting alt names and their passwords, along with the emails theyre registered under.

Before I thought it was just a lolol moment, and now I can see this is actually serious..because people can now hack any alt listed.

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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #2: October 03, 2009, 11:13:07 AM»
My alt got stolen. Rhenium. My poor Rhenium D: This is serious. I thought it was a silly moment aswell.
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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #3: October 03, 2009, 11:25:10 AM»
Added some information.

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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #4: October 03, 2009, 11:34:25 AM»
 [!] Due too the fact of Furcadia "Guardians" Freaking out when i absolutely asked them not too due too. The sheer fact of network security. I'm going too put this into my own hands for now. Every user of Furcadia your passwords have been compromised. Although by a perfectly honest person. Whilst being so. Some of you use the same passwords for your email accounts / paypal accounts or whatever else. Furcadia is going too be sieged by /b/ in a couple days from now. I suggest changeing your passwords due too SQL Vulns and Simple Security Flaws. Which have yet too be fixed.
[!] "Anonymousy" does not exsist on the interwebz. Furcadia in sence uses simple password encryption aka sha. It is a simple format unsalted. And unlike md5. Which easily parces 2,000 passwords every 92 or so seconds. With proper gpu bruteforceing. Meaning that if your like "lol coming on here too yiff. Lets use the same password as mai paypal account its secure i'm sure it is. It really isnt. It is very important that every furry that is getting this message too change your password asap. Or you are gonna get bank runned by /b/tards when they strike.
[!] See this has occoured atleast on my side from every furry community that i have helped. Furaffinity being the big one there. All those "OMG HARDWARE FAILUREEZZ" Dealt with me showing them what the fuck was wrong with there hardware. And them being in grateful and indegeious assholes in the end. They simply use you and ban you. "Because you show a proper security threat." OMG THAT UILDIAR GUY AGAIN OH SHIT B&.

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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #5: October 03, 2009, 11:36:53 AM»
Passwords have been compromised. We will post a list of alts that have been compromised for sure, but we suggest that you secure your alts and if you use the same password elsewhere.. Those accounts as well.
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Re: Announcement spam?
«Reply #6: October 03, 2009, 12:27:45 PM»
there is a guy in Imaginarium claiming to know the hacker and is posting "MSN logs."
additionally we caught a few words with felorin and felorin has confirmed that the story about the hacker finding "loop holes" and then getting banned for it is a LIE. the guy who claims to know the hacker is saying that the hacker is doing this because he is bored.

this is not a joke and is very serious. if you use the same password for a lot of websites you need to change the passwords on those websites. for example, i changed my paypal passwords. i don't know if it's the right thing to change your alt passwords or not at this point. it is very likely that if your alt passwords are similar or the same as other passwords on other programs/sites, you will get hacked. there is no telling who will have access to your information because it is all based on the whim of an insecure, immature hacking brat who has nothing better to do.

it is plausible that the people who have changed their passwords today are the ones getting broadcasted. the hacker originally asked everyone to change their passwords and shortly after, started posting them.
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Re: Announcement spam?
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I'm locking this until there is more info available.
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