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Issues with an alt name. [beware of language]
«: September 17, 2009, 03:58:19 PM»
I have a temper, you've been warned and probably have seen this before. I need to get this off my chest and I need to make sure the person(s) this is directed at reads this.

I'm not looking to buy the alt, but who has the alt Motoko Kusanagi? They whispered me awhile ago and had an issue with my main being the same character when they've only been on theirs once every few weeks/months(varies). [i've been watching you, shithead] and she's apparently either stupid or scared when I actually put up an arguement and didn't back down like a mutt with my tail between it's legs.

This upset me considering she threatened to delete my alt, ported x 11, roleplayed every day and so on but i verified she can not do so unless she has proof [i contacted a guardian] This is my primary main. And i'm extremely attatched to it. So this is on a slightly personal level.

I hope she reads this.

I know you were trying to chase me off, dumbass. and I do NOT appreciate that AT ALL. If you don't like someone roleplaying the same anime canon as you go fuck yourself. As far as i'm concerned you barely use the alt, and you were lucky enough to get it.
but guess what
in Japan, last names come first. So you actually have the wrong spelling.
In the Manga and Anime she refers to herself as Kusanagi. Go look that up.
You see, don't act stupid around smart people, it makes you look dumber than you really are.

A friend of mine agreed with me on this, her random whisper because she 'saw my name around and thought i was saying i was her' was just stupid.

It's a canon. You're not the only person in the goddamn world who has a Ghost in the Shell alt.

And no, 10/10 times people make alts because THE NAME THEY WANTED WAS TAKEN.

I want this person to come out of hiding and sort things out. She has some issue with me, then fine. The feeling is mutual. Nobody else is obligated to step in, so please don't. This issue itself has been bugging me for awhile. I just want to know what her problem is. I don't like having people on my back over a name. I'm not a bitch about things like this, but hey, I don't know this person and I don't like having a random person randomly go "Hey, I realized you have the same name, are you telling people you're me?"
Are you fucking kidding me? Woman, are you dyslexic or just stupid.

Mods may move this thread if it does not belong here, don't bitch at me.
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Re: Issues with an alt name. [beware of language]
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