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Oh yeah 8D
«: September 07, 2009, 07:42:28 PM»
I figured I do one of these to pass the time (: The names that are in brackets is the name I whispered (or they whispered me), otherwise its the forum name ~

Digo Trades

Kata: First person I've ever traded with. She traded me life butters and assured me that everything would be all good (I was in a slight...panic I guess you could say...Uh, actually really fucking nervous would be more of a fit.) Er--anyways, everything went well.

(Chinese): Traded me a life foxen. Was real quick and easy~

(Bier): Traded me a port space. Nice and quick.

Teroy: I traded him my life batwings haha he was real nice. Even gave me a muffin xD

Alt Trades

(Chimp): She traded me the alt 'Poke' and everything went nice and smooth 8D

(Atrocious): Gave me the alt Theme for a pretty good price <3

Fracture: Uh, if memory serves me Fracture traded me the Alt 'Safe' and was cool with me haggling *thumbs up*

SynysterGates: Traded me the alt Plain. If anything I was the one that failed. I had a hard time gifting the scales but he/she was cool with it and eventually I got it right @[email protected]

Addie (Mommy): So very friendly! Everything went smooth, shes a total pro. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Trades for commissions or other Junk

(Yoko Eneas): Paid me upfront 'cuz she didn't want to see watermarks with every update lol. Anyways, she was easy to work with and didn't ever once complain.
Update 09/26/09: She commissioned me again :'D
Update 10/30/09:Commissioned me for a port. You're just too awesome <3 Also, I found out that she's VERY patient. I had a hard time finishing a commission and therefor took much longer then I usually did. Yoko, however was real nice about it and told me not to worry

(Clutch): Bought one of my premades. She didn't ask for much to be edited which was fine by me. The payment was done pretty quick too (:

(Diakoda): Commissioned me for two pieces. He also, never once complained and made the payment right after I was done.

Skatt (Eels): She's been the one I usually sell off my Neopoints to (I get pretty bored in my free time xD) Anyways, shes pretty nice and trusting. She gifts the scales right away. I've even given her a some extra points, free of charge. Shes highly recommended if you wanna sell off your neopoints. (:
Update 09/26/09: FFF HOLY CRAP EELS. Marry me ): She commissioned me, originally for one piece but decided she wanted 3 more. Oh man <3

Stein: One of the few people I've commissioned lol. Stein did a LOVELY port for my alt Poke (:

Ixy?: Lol, I forgot your name...kinda. I know it was around those lines. Anyways, he/she did a real cute port of Theme. Its adorable...

I know for a fact that I've forgotten ONE person, for sure... Someone traded my old main (Black Butterfly) a portspace for 5GD however I can't seem to recall the name and I deleted the Whisper log. Sorry to whomever you are ):

If there is anyone else I somehow missed then please tell me @[email protected] (I'm pretty sure I got you all down though.)
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Re: Oh yeah 8D
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+Update on Skatt (:
+Update on Yoko Eneas 8D
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Re: Oh yeah 8D
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Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure doing business with you. ~ <3
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