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reviews. who'd have thought?
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oh god... i can't even remember 3/4 of the people i've traded with. if i forgot you and you could give two shits about it then please let me know what we traded and i'll get it up here.

names are linked to the user's FAM profiles when possible.

* alts___

reviews as a seller_//
Glory - sold a portrait space to for 5GDS. went fine and took like..... fifteen seconds..... yay. also they're awesome.

Itareio - sold Mismagius to for $5 paypal + 1 portrait space. went smoothly. sweet and easy to talk with.

Tony - sold the alt 17 to for like 25GDS or something. went great and he made me lol.

reviews as a buyer_//
Light - sold me Erect for 15GDS even though Ashleigh is a feral horse with purple hair who wears a hat omg. also it went just lovely. you should buy things from light. go. go now. (YOU STILL OWE ME $15 THOUGH)

Stephie - bought Hagen from for 15GDS, i believe it was. kind, easy to deal with, very trustworthy.~

Pez - bought Princeton from for $20 paypal, also bought a character design from before. both went perfectly. pez is quite nice!

Stef - bought Kibitoshin and Kaioshin from for 5GDS. amazing and a sweetie.

* digos & stuff___

reviews as a seller_ //
Hollie - sold a space to for 5GDS. went just fine.~

brandon - sold some spaces to him for 5GDS each. went great! you should deff buy his stuff (it's always cheap anyway).

reviews as a buyer_//
Edicius - sold me a life foxen for 20GDS and was very willing to hold in for me for a few days while i was moving. the actual trade went fine and very quick.

Kelly - bought a two-month rabben from for 2GDS. quick and smooth.
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