Author Topic: I'm not entirely sure what to do in this situation.  (Read 916 times)

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I'm not entirely sure what to do in this situation.
«: August 03, 2009, 01:32:45 PM»
An explanation of the circumstances.

I took a break from furcadia. Around 2 years, if i go by my FAM inactivity dates.

While I was gone, one of my more beloved alts was apparently stolen. I don't know how, who, or when.

I contacted Cironir and was basically told that since I'm an alt trader, there's nothing that could be done. It's too difficult to track down alts. Told me to talk to him that weekend, but I still have either not seen him on, caught him AFK, or not gotten a response.

Basically I've given up on getting my alt back.

I have talked to one person who says that they had purchased and resold my alt during my absence. And I know that the alt hasn't been active since December 2008.

My next question is, is it possible for me to try and get the Portrait removed from the alt? It was a portrait that I commissioned for my very much loved character, on a space that I paid for. I don't think it's fair that someone else is running around using something that belongs to me, that was stolen.

Obviously I can't talk to the current owner of the alt because I don't know who that is, and they aren't logging onto it. It's on my online list, just in case someone ever DOES log into it.

I have talked to the artist, and she is willing to help me if it is possible to have the portrait removed.

Can anyone tell me if it is, in fact, possible? And what steps are necessary in getting this portrait removed? Thank you.

The alts name is Varali, if anyone has any other information.
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