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Ariel's Reviews
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Yay.... so I just started alt trading, k. I only have one person to put here for right now, but I will edit as I go.


Alt trades
Lulamari/Geth: She traded me for the alt Kaylin. Very easy to work with, patient, and kind. There was a problem at first with the darn password, but we worked it all out. Overall, really nice to work with.

Art Commissions/trades
Runetta Reborn/HalfPain: Has beautiful art! <33 I commissioned her for a port of Star and she's such a fast artist and she's amazing! Go commission her :3

Sync: She gave me gift-art and my was it amazing! She works fast and her art is beau-ti-ful. Really easy to get in contact with

MissB: Nice and really fast. Her art is great, and she just started commissions (I was her first!). She's great and easy to work with <3