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WHOM I HAVE TRADED WITH (from what I remember)
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Alt trades:::

Marco: A lovely person that I met through trading, but honest to god he's great! Made a real friend out of trading and I am glad I got his alt. Fast, reliable and very friendly! <333

Loser: I did my very very first trade with her way back when for the alt Blindfold, but recentrly got one of my mains of her! It was a iffy trade ot begin with but no ones faults just the damn ini file being a bitch. She was kind, very trust worthy and patient -we got there in the end- Great trader, awesome alts!<3

Steph: Traded me Illicit, kept her on hold for me and everything, very easy and quick trade I do recommend her, she has sexiful alts!

The girl who traded me Riou: I forget her alt name, but she ocntacted me on fam after seeing I was seeking her alt, quick and easy trade, very nice girl.

Dask: A good friend of mine but also a great person, she's given me alts in the past even a ported one; Nido. Love her! She's great! BUY. HER. PORTS! -if her comissions are open that is xD- <3

Hot/Dave/Herbal:One of the nicest people ver, love her lots, helped my poor ass out and is truely a beautiful person, buy her alts. Love you babes <3

Vanity: We did a straight alt for alt trade, quick, reliable LOVES HIM :D

Stein: We traded in the past; staright alt for alts trade. She's great, fast, reliable trader. I have now made two friebnds through trading :D  <333

Tarben: I took his trading virginity, I traded him Tarben for GD, quick trade initally, trusting of course just iffy when it came to password changings, faults on his parts but luckily it all worked out; So all in all good trader, just lacks the experiance but we got there in the end :)

Neckbone: Another persons whos trading virginity was stolen by me, trade initally went great, but furc was fucking up when it came to her editting her password, and her accessing the alt. We worked round it, so great trader just furc messing up on us! :)

Poppy: Bought Helmut rom me for an substantial amount, trade went very well she gave the alt a great home, very trust worthy and friendly :)

(who traded me aggress?)
I don;t know their current in game name: but to whom ever traded me Aggress, great person great price, quick trade and very lovely!
(All i can remember)

Art trades::::

Akarui-Kurai: Did me a beautiful port for my alt Linc. I love Linc, I'll miss him but got a bloody good port out of it. She was VERY quick, VERY detailed, I very much so recommend her, VERY GOOD QUALITY port artist!

Jeeves: I comisisoned for a comic, despite what he would say he was quick, delightdul, and kept me up to date fully with WIP's and asking how I would like things, very enjoyable perso. I DO recommend him fully, very trustworthy artist!

Hoot/Hammy: got a port from her, a bit of a wait but well worth it, great quality, down to earth artist luff her work much. Well worth the wait I aint complainig, great person!

Dibbit: Got character art of her, had to wiat again but very kind person, she had her reasons but kept to her side in the end, even did me a port to say sorry for the wait. Good worker, like her art and did what I asked for :)

Imanii: Great artist, did what I asked for, but rather quiet person; miss herr!

Grindlock: Did me a looovely port for a lesser price, great person, easy to talk with and very good at doing what chya ask for!

Submerse: Very quick port comission, she gets greater by the day, love her ports buy her art!

SwiftFox/Whippet: OMG her ports are amazing, and fairly priced; I found her to be a quick worker, so average wait, great quality and just in general lovely to be around!

Stein: Love her ports, got many, great worker, great timing and great at what you asked for. Very lovely person commission her you won't regret it!

Mez: oh my love hers too, comissioned twice got exactly what I asked for, no fuss, very quick but skilled worker, great if you're not into waiting and not too fussy, lovely person buy her ports!

Marco: LOVELY, did me a port and I luff it, quick worker, and great quality!

Boot: Did me  free picture, she's great! :D
LOLwolf on DA: did me an awesome picture, great qulity, great speed, great prices!

FlawedDream on DA: donne me various pictures, love her style, great person and a really good artist!

Weird0Freak on DA: Did me an awesome picture love her to bits!

LostWolfSpirit on DA: Did me an awesome tag, a bit of a wait but well worth it, awesome quality great person!

various people on waja's:
Rootsnchutes: GREAT, just awesome
Stripy: OMG LOVE

(All on waja's are speedy but great workers for great prices go there for great art! :) )

Sorry if I forgot you feel free to correct xD
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Re: WHOM I HAVE TRADED WITH (from what I remember)
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