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Warning: Kiru/Mood Swings
«: June 17, 2009, 10:57:58 AM»
Simply a warning to all traders.
Another warning: This is looong.

So way back in the beginning of this year, I had traded an alt for an alt with Kiru/Mood Swings/Whatever other alts they have or create.

I traded an alt ported x5 for their alt ported x4. They seemed nice and everything went smooth, but then they tell me "don't tell anyone I sold this alt to you, okay?" It kind of made me go "._. wut?" but I let it go after they said 'their friend would be mad at them for trading it.'

So I go about my business and about a month goes by, I was losing interest in most of my characters and decided to sell off a lot of them, including the alt they traded me. I have it up for a day or two and the owner before them pops into my thread and bitches me out because, holy crap, three of the four ports were supposed to be removed by the previous owner (before me), and were being sold by the owner before Kiru.

So I contact Kiru about it and "she" told me that if I could pay for them, to keep them on the alt, that "she" would pay me back in a few days, claiming she really wanted to keep my alt because she liked it. Because "she" forgot that the old owner told her to remove the ports. -_-

So, I wait a few days and "she" never logs on. A month goes by and I finally catch "her." I'm then told I'll be getting it in about a week since they finally got a paypal set up and were 'getting paid', offering me 25 instead of the 15 i had to pay to keep the ports. I declined, asking just to be reimbursed for the money I was out (15) and nothing more.

Two weeks goes by and nothing. They log on and ignore my whispers until I whisper them on an alt they didn't know. I get a sob story and "she" promises to pay soon.

Then I hear nothing, they don't log on until about a week ago. So I got pretty angry and flipped out about them ignoring me even though they were on, not afk, and STILL owed me. I finally got answered.

But the person on the alt claimed to be Kiru's "friend" and said HE was in rehab. Kiru told me that he was a girl, which was really weird that they would lie about something like that? She also told me that Kiru was "planning on paying me" and I should get my money soon.

I told her that I'd like some sort of 'good faith payment' of sorts, and asked for re-share of my alt, and got it.

So, I go to log on, just to play around or maybe rp and, low and behold, I get a whisper from this Kiru's friend. I told them it wasn't their friend and they asked where he was, saying he was just on earlier.
I thought, "Wait? Isn't he supposed to be in rehab?"

Then they say they know who I am etc etc and try to cover up the fact that I was lied to.

I'm mad at this point and I changed the e-mail and the password to the alt.

So finally, Kiru surfaces and basically tells me they lied to me the whole time to try and get out of paying me. I told them if they could just get the 15, I'd return the alt no problem. He claimed he'd get it in a few days because his friend gave him $35.

So yesterday I got a whisper saying, "I give up, I'm not paying etc etc give me my digos off the alt."
I log on and LOOOL there's NEW digos on it (from after when I took it back).
Obviously they can afford new digos but not enough to pay me for what they "forgot" and tried to scam me out of.

So, I gifted their digos to the alt of their choice, EVERYTHING they had put on it, left with only the naked alt with the ports on it, none new.

I posted this simply as the fact that it was an -attempted- scam, and to help warn anyone who may trade with them in the future.

I'm not sure what to do with the alt, since I'm definitely not giving it back to the person who admittedly tried to scam me after I waited so long because of their pity lies because I felt bad.
I've been told I should re-sell and give them the difference over 15, get it frozen, resell and keep profits, etc etc. Any suggestions?

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Re: Warning: Kiru/Mood Swings
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That sucks that that happened to you, wtf.
I'd sell that alt, make monieeessss.
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Re: Warning: Kiru/Mood Swings
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I agree, this person, or these people are obviously idiots. Sell the alt, get some cash and replenish your pockets. ^^

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Re: Warning: Kiru/Mood Swings
«Reply #3: June 17, 2009, 02:09:27 PM»
Thank you guys for your suggestions.
I'm going to give them options if and when they ever log on again. -.-;;

I guess this can be locked whenever, seeing as it was only a warning and Turq helped me figure out what to do.<3