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just a head up (Straight)
«: June 09, 2009, 03:16:48 AM»
so you all know, i tried to sell a catten to "Straight" then when i asked for a bit more due to 25$ in spaces isn't really worth a life catten.  as i tried to raise the price and state kindly "so you know, a catten is worth a bit more then 5spaces, i doubt anyone would buy" she started calling me a "scamming shit" as i then tried to reason with her/him to stop harassing me, they then stated "you have no life you yiffing shit" and so on.

as we progressed, she started spamming me "GTFO YIFFER" befor this was happening, she told me i have no life, as i told her i do and have a real life hubby and a real life job, friends, and so on.. as this was stated, she said "LOL YOU HAVE A MATE!, WHAT A FUCKING LOSER!" i stated to her "he is my RL mate, as in i LIFE with him" then she said to me "SHOW PICS YOU LOW LIFE SHIT!" as i told her there was no need for pics due to i know and all that counts.. she then tryed to say "i will make your furcadia life shit, i will get you banned from FAM and were you cant sell!"

thus, i post here, i have logs if need be i can send to whoever just send a PM, due to rules applying to furcadia by cant show logs, this i will only show threw PM and or email, just a heads up, don't trade/buy from "Straight"


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Re: just a head up (Straight)
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please condense this review into something a bit more concise and fair. a few other reviews would also be appreciated, seeing as this forum encompass trades of all kinds.

send your amended version to me via PM to have it approved, and the topic will be unlocked.