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«: May 26, 2009, 03:43:19 PM»
   I'm just not sure how to proceed, or if it's kosher to proceed I guess and am looking for advice.  Quite a few months ago I bought an alt for a friend through my paypal account (She doesn't have one.)  And she intended to pay me back with GD. Unfortunately she hasn't been online for awhile. Maybe life is just busy maybe she moved on from furc, or maybe she's on alts that I don't know.
   But the alt is still under my email (She wanted me to keep it there until she paid me back) so is it alright for me to retrieve the character ini to keep it on my computer?
   I probably wont use the alt often but I'd feel safer knowing it was in my furc folder rather than not knowing if anyone else is using it.   

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Re: Question!
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"She wanted me to keep it there until she paid me back"

I don't really see a problem with it myself, especially since you can make sure it doesn't expire.