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Alt Removals, what are they?
«: May 07, 2009, 05:30:08 AM»
When you ask for an alt to removed, because someone's inactive, is it just on here, or on Furcadia too? So if I were to ask for a certain alt to be removed, I could then go and create the alt in Furcadia?

Sorry if I sound like a noob.

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Re: Alt Removals, what are they?
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Furcadia (the actual game) and DEP (the makers of the game) are in no way affiliated with this website. This website provides a voluntary listing of alts owned by players. If someone is asking for an alt to be removed from this website, it means that the previous owner failed to remove it from their list and new owner wants to place it on theirs.

The activity level of users on this website is in no way indicative of their activity on Furcadia. Furcadia and DEP regularly delete alts from their database which have not been used within the past 6 months if they do not contain any digos or portrait spaces.
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Re: Alt Removals, what are they?
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Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me.