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Kitsunae; Greatest trader i've ever traded with<3 from back then when I was playing Gaia to furcadia and to wajas! Perfict person to do buisness with and a great person to talk to.<3

Morgrim: traded for Iorek Byrnison and Iofur Raknison got it and she helped me with the details about geting the ini to me.=)
another good trade! ty =)

Anubis Cruger: Sold the alt Rouen and would do buisness again. Also a great person to chat with! (If your not in a battle to get an alt ~ .~)

Space: Deal for life classics for Baron (dident go through). Conflict resolved and all is well in world =)

Emilee: Bought alt Nailed from her. Awesome person to trade with will do buisness again. =)

Jeeves: Sold exp dragon to. Great to chat with and would do buisness with again! =)
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:o aww, thanks for the review! :D
Whisper Kitsunae on Furc to chat.
I love trading: interested in GD and digos <3

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<3 You deserve it! Everyone who reads this DO BUISNESS WITH HER!

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added new one =)

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added Emilee =)

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Thank you thank you. <3
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